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{February 14, 2010}   It’s Valentine’s Day!!!!

And I’m sick. I have the snots. My once a year snot-fest decided to make reservations for this weekend, naturally. The baby isn’t sick, though. It’s just allergies. But my head feels like it’s going to implode. Seriously? My poor husband. I know he feels neglected. The one day a year when you’re supposed to make more effort than most, and my nose feels like Niagra Falls in a flood. I’m not worried about gifts or anything, I just wish I felt better. My child is sleeping like a log at the moment, which is wonderful, and I’m going to make dinner tonight (not that I’ll be able to taste it). My birthday is in a few days, so maybe I’ll feel better by then. And then I’ll be able to taste the birthday french fries he promised me. Please excuse the briefness of this post, I’m going to drip on the keyboard if I don’t run now.

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