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{February 18, 2010}   I present…

my offspring. He’s sitting in his little bumbo chair at 10 weeks old! *squeeeeee!!!* I’m only a little bit proud. Just a little. Yeah, that’s a fist bump he’s giving you. He’s all cool and well adjusted like that.


Enna says:

Man he is adorable!

Hootie says:

It looks like he’s scouring the room for sweater yams. LOL

Nina says:

What’s a sweater yam? And thank you all! (I figure he should be gorgeous and talented, he looks just like his mama! But I suppose I could have a mild case of blindness where he’s concerned.)

Hootie says:

You ARE nursing, right? I remember that look they get when they spot you coming towards them–it’s like, OOOOOH lunch!

Kristin says:

What a cutie-pie!

May says:

That baby is just SO gorgeous.

Nina says:

OH! That’s what sweater yams are. Ok, sorry, I’ve caught up now. Yeah, my husband teases him all the time about not having eaten in 30 minutes so he must be starving! Bless his heart, he’s a growing boy!

rosesdaughter says:

sooo cute!

Quiet Dreams says:

He’s beautiful!

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