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till I realized it was my child screaming and not my alarm. I’m pretty sure this makes me a bad parent, or at least one of the slow learners.
So, yesterday morning, I get up and head down the hall for a little waste management, Mini-me style, and the kid starts with the food retrieval sequence 1.0. My husband then gets up to come help me (what he really does is make faces and distract the spawn). We don’t wear clothes to bed, and we thought the roommate was at his girlfriend’s house. We thought wrong. All of a sudden, we hear the kaboom of a slamming door and realize that we’re about to be exposed. I finish the dipey change, my husband scoops up the young’un, and we run, crouched like two criminals holding the bank bag and covered in exploding dye, back to the bedroom. Whew. We made it, but I think we’re going to invest in bathrobes. No, I never have a normal day.

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