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{February 23, 2010}   I’ve had a big week!

Hi, all. Fletcher, here. I’m a talker, see. I chatter and coo at Daddy and make him laugh. I smile cause I want to now, not just cause I’m “concentrating”. I “concentrated” my first stinkie dipey and Mommy didn’t like it for some reason. Hummph. I was proud of it. Why wasn’t she? I like it when Daddy and Mommy blow raspberries. It makes me get all wide-eyed and giggle. I weigh 12 lbs! Mommy grabbed me and we both stepped on the scale. I’m generally a happy baby, till I get hungry, wet, poopy, gassy, or tired. I was not very well-behaved on Saturday. I went with Mommy to Papa and Mimi’s house to have birthday with them. Mommy turned 31 on Tuesday, so Papa was in a gift-giving mood. I decided to show out and scream for no discernable reason. It was just fun, but shhhh! Don’t tell Mommy and Daddy. I’ve got ’em eating out of the palm of my hand! Lots of times, I get food when I do that. Mommy had to miss her honorary dinner with the rest of the family till Mimi came and rescued me from her. I fell asleep then, so I hope Mommy saw how it was done! My cousin T was walking all over the place, the big show-off! Just wait till I get all big and one. I’ll impress everyone with my heretofore unrealized talents. Mommy says she sees broken bones and stitches in our future. What are stitches? And why are they in my future? I CAN do it. I think. I’ll keep up with him, I know it…


Kristin says:

Wow, Fletcher! YOu are getting to be such a big guy!

Enna says:

Tell your mama happy birthday for me!

Quiet Dreams says:

Happy Birthday to Fletcher’s mommy!

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