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{March 30, 2010}   Piggli Wiggli Doll

Hi, all, Fletcher here. Mommy says we’re suffering from Fletch-ulence this evening. I’m not READY to go to sleep, Mommy! Aunt V stayed all day yesterday and today. She said that dressing me is like trying to dress a very wiggly doll. Mommy calls me piggli wiggli cause I snort when I eat, and I don’t always like to stay still when I’m snacking. Granny is coming tomorrow. I’ve been contemplating what to do. Do I behave and be all angelic and cute, or do I introduce Granny to Poutface? Decisions, decisions. I introduced Aunt V to Poutface today, and Mommy’s afraid she’ll never want to come play with me again. *sigh* Poutface is cool, but I’m beginning to think Mommy never wants to see him again since he doesn’t sleep. Ever.

{March 27, 2010}   He slept through the night!!

He slept from 9pm to 5am. I know! I’m as shocked as you are! It didn’t last long, though. He woke back up at 0730 and has been up ever since. Just went down on his tummy mat. We’ll see how long that lasts. In other news, I start my new job Monday. I’m somewhat apprehensive. In the past all my “personality” and “pragmatism” didn’t go over well with small groups and older people. By older, I mean curmudgeonly and crotchety, and control freaky. I may be apprehensive for no reason. We’ll see! I was settled at my old job. I was good at my old job. I truly loved almost everyone I worked with, including the docs. The ones I’ve complained about here are about 0.1 percent of the surgeons there. I didn’t leave my job cause I hated it. I left cause I couldn’t get the right schedule. I felt like I never saw him when I was working twelves. I’ll be off early in the afternoons, and I’ll have time to get dinner, and have a better routine for the Jumping Bean. Which was the whole point anyway.

{March 23, 2010}   My MIL called today.

I didn’t answer. My husband had already warned me about what she wanted. He has to work tomorrow and that left us without a baby-sitter temporarily. She basically laid herself out at his feet and begged to watch the baby. She would come to our house, she would bring [fill-in-the-blank], she had my stepson with her but would take care of any issues we had with him being there without us. Luckily for him, his knows-where-his-bread-is-buttered ass told her he’d have to discuss it with me. I don’t think so. I think I’ve mentioned here before about how likely elephants are to do the two-step before she keeps my baby unsupervised. Quite frankly, I’m afraid that should she get a wild hair up her ass and get angry with me for some reason, she might just try to take my child from me. While her home is the lesser of two evils for my stepson, she still was sneaky and conniving about the whole thing, and she basically took him from the Manbearpig (Ex-Bitch). I realize I’m 84 times the mother the Manbearpig is, but I wouldn’t put it past my MIL to fabricate as a means to an end. My husband can trust her all he wants. I don’t, and am highly unlikely to anytime in the next millenium. She just showed up anyway. *beleaguered sigh* My husband told me that’s what I get for not answering my phone. I told him he needed to handle his own mother. I told him that she needed to communicate with him, and if something needed to be run by me, he could do the running. I also told him that if he continued to push the issue, I’d have to get real honest with her about my trust issues, and I didn’t think he wanted that. Our regular baby-sitter is a saint, and called back earlier today with a favorable answer to our request. My offspring has progressed to holding things! And eating some rice cereal. He hasn’t quite mastered the grasping aspect of holding, but he understands the squeezing/taste-testing method. He’s brilliant. I knew it. My best friend called this week and asked if we were planning on having any more kids. I told her I’d like to get a full night’s sleep before making such a big decision.

{March 20, 2010}   Huh. Cool.

Today, I came home from taking my husband to the eye doctor and we laid down for a nap. He promptly woke up 30 minutes later and disappeared with his lovely assistant. *sigh* Approximately 3 hours later, he returns, with a whole new outlook. Apparently, this friend of his is just the teensiest bit henpecked. And my husband seemed to think himself less so. The friend’s wife called when they were inevitably 45 minutes late and ripped him a new one so loudly my husband was privy to the details. He came home and told me that he thought I was unreasonable at times, but that I was nothing in comparison to her. I’m going to take that as a compliment and hope that he’s finally feeling some appreciation. I’m also a bit smug. I knew other wives had expectations. I knew I wasn’t crazy.

{March 16, 2010}   A list.

Things my husband has done in the last week to bug the shit out of me:
Not picking up our child or dropping him off at all last week because he didn’t want to deal with traffic, and then going to get a haircut, and buying ONLY drinks at the grocery store. Because we didn’t need anything else in his estimation. Mine would have been quite different.
Parking his car under the awning, thereby preventing me from parking in my normal spot and making it necessary for me to park down by the basement and haul said infant and paraphernalia UP the driveway at a steep grade. (That’s right, I said up. And I’d just worked a 12 hour shift and driven across town to collect our spawn.)
After said asinine behavior, expecting sex/blow job/both. Seriously?
Disappear all day on Saturday to do routine maintenance on his car after being told specifically that I needed to run errands, such as go to the bank and straighten out our offspring’s bank account, get an eye exam and new glasses, run to work and retrieve my cell phone which someone (and we’re not naming names) managed to leave in her locker due to sudden hurry to get out the door to collect infant across town at the SIL’s who was babysitting for a favor when YCU had been off for at least 2 hours.
Get pissed at me when the furniture repair people show up and only complete half the things he wanted done, hadn’t communicated to me, but that he couldn’t be bothered to stay home and supervise.
Return on Saturday, promising to stay with spawn so I could accomplish these things unhindered, and then disappear again with lovely assistant/friend (I’m being facetious here. It’s his best guy friend.)to pick up a “part for the car”.
Bitch about how ‘I must have run over something in my car, rendering the left front tire bald’ even though he drives my car as well.
Bitch about how ‘I must have hidden/lost the tylenol bottle when we were searching for it this morning at 3am, even though he’s given Fletcher his tylenol too. Because nothing’s ever his fault.
Refusing to get out of bed and help with Fletcher at night when he was off the next day, and I wasn’t.
When he finally did get out of bed, he knew he needed changing, but didn’t want to do it, so wandered around aimlessly till I got up and commandeered said infant and took care of matters myself. If not, a major nasty case of diaper rash would have begun marinating.
Whilst searching for said tylenol bottle completely ransacking the entire contents of my purse, the diaper bag, and all the freshly folded clothes. And not replacing those contents or refolding, thereby leaving me to do it at either 3am when I’m already pissed like hell, or this morning, when (guess what?) I’m pissed like hell.

Things my husband has done to try to make up for bugging the shit out of me:
Bought me my favorite ice cream.
Made me dinner and brought it and a drink to me without me having to ask.

Do we see any lopsided-ness here? Just checking. I laid into him on Saturday about disappearing, and wound up taking the baby with me to run errands. I’m perfectly capable of traveling with him by myself, it just makes things take longer and somewhat inconvenient. I laid into him last night about constantly blaming me for any and all arbitrary happenings from losing some obscure piece of paper, to random car door dings, to misplacing the tylenol bottle, to the baby’s being fussy. I would like some appreciation and respect and some damn deserved consideration. Now.

{March 14, 2010}   Pay It Forward

Kristen sent me my ‘Pay It Forward’ gift and it’s precious!! It’s an 8″ green and gold crocheted dragon! How cute! Now, I have to pay it forward. I present: The rules.

The first five people to respond to this post will get something made by me, especially for you. I have absolutely no clue what I will make but I promise I’ll make it worth your while!

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:

1) I make no guarantees that you will like what I make but I hope you will.
2) What I create will be just for you.
3) They say I have a year to get it to you. But I promise it will NOT take that long (11 months and 29 days maybe, but NOT twelve months…LOL)
4) You have no clue what it’s going to be. It’s a surprise to both of us at this point.

The catch? You must re-post this on your blog and offer the same to the first 5 people who do the same on your blog. Since I know not everyone who reads my blog is crafty, I’m going to add the caveat that baked goods and things like hand written notes of support will be acceptable things to pass on to your readers.

So, the first five people who post, and are willing to pass it along, will get a handmade gift in the mail from me. I copied this from Kristen’s blog, but it seemed fitting, so I didn’t think she’d mind! Get to it, girls!

We traveled to the pediatrician’s office today, in effort to get a clean bill of health. This was essential due to Mommy’s need to return to work. We’re gonna be begging on the street for food soon, if I don’t. We’re over the RSV, but now we’ve got an ear infection. Which explains why he was fussy and wouldn’t go to sleep last night, to the point of Mommy wanting to sell him. Don’t worry, I resisted the urge. He did finally go to sleep, and slept for 6 hours! Odd. So now, he’s on antibiotics that apparently offend his little discerning palate. He spit it out. Pluh. Pluh, pluh, pluh! (He seems to feel the same way about his Vitamin D supplement. Huh.) So, I outsmarted him, for once. I put it in his bottle, and he drank it on down. Oh, no more breathing treatments, either, unless he starts wheezing again. So, that’s one last thing to have to accomplish during the nightly spa treatments. And he likes his new friends that hang from his chair and his carseat. He’s batting (because I had to put him in boxing mitts. He kept going for his face.) at them and making them jingle. It’s so sweet watching his face. He just looks at them in amazement. It’s so neat watching him, cause he’s always doing something new. I’m gushing again. Puke bucket, anyone?

Alright, I’m back. My child commandeers much of my time, energy, and, it seems, my belongings. I’m starting a new job in a few weeks. Did I tell you all that? I don’t think so. Anyway, remember the surgery center job I interviewed for a couple of months ago? Well, they called me back. The benefits are comparable, they offered me more money, and I’ll be off by 3pm most days. She said that some days I’d just have to stay and finish the schedule, which she said might mean 4pm. Uhh, YEAH! I plan to keep my foot in the door and work prn at my old job just to keep my skills up, cause this new job is pretty cushy. Arthroscopies and steroid injections and an occasional fractured ankle. Cakewalk. I’m not a fan of orthopedics, but it’s better money and a better schedule for me for now. And it’s no call, no weekends, no holidays. I’m liking it. I can take call at my old job and make extra money. Oh, hubby started a new job today as well. DAY SHIFT!!! We’ll see each other more than oh, once a week! I’m excited, can you tell? He says we’ll almost have normal hours. I asked him what he was smoking. I’m a nurse. None of us have normal hours, unless we’ve gotten totally away from patient care. And even then, sometimes it’s not normal.

{March 8, 2010}   Kick, Kick!!

Hi, all. Guess who! I’m learning to kick my feet and make my blankets go away. Also, Mommy keeps putting me on my tummy and I get to play with fishes, and sharks, and turtles. And suddenly I can hold my own dummy and play with Pooh (he rattles) and I’m trying to figure out how to make the ladybug on my chair sing. Mommy can do it every time. I’ll figure it out soon. I’m feeling better every day. If I could just get the snots under control, we’d be alright.

Update: I rolled over today. 12 weeks and 5 days old. Mommy thinks I’m amazing.

{March 6, 2010}   Poot, Poot!!

Hi all, Fletcher here. Thank you all for your concern. I feel much better. I’m still sneezing a little, and coughing a little, and I still have some snots, but I can breathe now. Mommy keeps sticking this thing to my face that smokes and makes noise and makes me mad and I can breathe better after that. She also keeps saying that my snots are making her want to tie me to the back of the car and throw it into neutral, cause it would save on gas. She also says she would never have to use the horn again. Sometimes she thinks I gots motorboats in my britches. She says I could power one all the way to China under my own steam, cause I got my very own inboard motor. Just keep feeding me. I’m now activating the dummy retrieval service. Gotta go!

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