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{March 5, 2010}   Snots, and Coughs, and Sneezes, Oh my!

Well, this morning, he started blowing technicolor chunks. He’s had multiple multiple loose stools, a snotty nose, a productive cough, and I could feel him wheezing on expiration. Afebrile, thank goodness. He hasn’t been latching on well, either. I suppose if you can’t breathe, you can’t nurse, eh? The snotsucker use had increased, as well. When I saw the colored snot, I decided to call the ped back and they had me bring him in. We came home with a nebulizer and an RSV/bronchiolitis dx. So, he gets a breathing treatment q4h, and they told me to give him breastmilk as much as possible. My poor baby. I had to call into work the last 2 days, so I got a note for work, too. This sucks. My husband is blaming himself for kissing him when he had a cold. Oops. He’ll live, but I just hate it.

The MIL is coming this afternoon to “bring him something”. Hmmmm. I’m so looking forward to that.


rosesdaughter says:

Poor little man!!!!
I hated it when the Pookah had a cold, I felt so helpless. But it helps to keep thinking:this too shall pass!

Kristin says:

Poor baby and poor you! Sick kids are never fun and sick babies are 100 times worse. I always felt so helpless because I wanted to be able to make them better instantaneously.

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