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{March 9, 2010}   Well, back to the doctor today.

We traveled to the pediatrician’s office today, in effort to get a clean bill of health. This was essential due to Mommy’s need to return to work. We’re gonna be begging on the street for food soon, if I don’t. We’re over the RSV, but now we’ve got an ear infection. Which explains why he was fussy and wouldn’t go to sleep last night, to the point of Mommy wanting to sell him. Don’t worry, I resisted the urge. He did finally go to sleep, and slept for 6 hours! Odd. So now, he’s on antibiotics that apparently offend his little discerning palate. He spit it out. Pluh. Pluh, pluh, pluh! (He seems to feel the same way about his Vitamin D supplement. Huh.) So, I outsmarted him, for once. I put it in his bottle, and he drank it on down. Oh, no more breathing treatments, either, unless he starts wheezing again. So, that’s one last thing to have to accomplish during the nightly spa treatments. And he likes his new friends that hang from his chair and his carseat. He’s batting (because I had to put him in boxing mitts. He kept going for his face.) at them and making them jingle. It’s so sweet watching his face. He just looks at them in amazement. It’s so neat watching him, cause he’s always doing something new. I’m gushing again. Puke bucket, anyone?

Kristin says:

Nah, no bucket…it is perfectly permissible to gush over babies.

rosesdaughter says:

Pookah hates his Vitamin D too! And gushing is appropriate. Its what Mom’s do!!!

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