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{March 20, 2010}   Huh. Cool.

Today, I came home from taking my husband to the eye doctor and we laid down for a nap. He promptly woke up 30 minutes later and disappeared with his lovely assistant. *sigh* Approximately 3 hours later, he returns, with a whole new outlook. Apparently, this friend of his is just the teensiest bit henpecked. And my husband seemed to think himself less so. The friend’s wife called when they were inevitably 45 minutes late and ripped him a new one so loudly my husband was privy to the details. He came home and told me that he thought I was unreasonable at times, but that I was nothing in comparison to her. I’m going to take that as a compliment and hope that he’s finally feeling some appreciation. I’m also a bit smug. I knew other wives had expectations. I knew I wasn’t crazy.

Kristin says:

Wooohooooo! I love it when they inadvertently learn a lesson.

g says:

Oh, I ripped my spouse SEVERAL new ones today. Might have been me


Nina says:

Yeah, you’re like me in many ways. You could probably hear me in Melbourne, too.

I ripped C-Dub a new one at least once a week. I’ve been holding out this week, letting it build up………..

CityGirl says:

He leaned a lesson on his own? ::sniff:: I’m getting all teary. Don’t you love it when they grown up a little?

I let Hub learn everything the hard way, because I love The Smug.

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