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{March 30, 2010}   Piggli Wiggli Doll

Hi, all, Fletcher here. Mommy says we’re suffering from Fletch-ulence this evening. I’m not READY to go to sleep, Mommy! Aunt V stayed all day yesterday and today. She said that dressing me is like trying to dress a very wiggly doll. Mommy calls me piggli wiggli cause I snort when I eat, and I don’t always like to stay still when I’m snacking. Granny is coming tomorrow. I’ve been contemplating what to do. Do I behave and be all angelic and cute, or do I introduce Granny to Poutface? Decisions, decisions. I introduced Aunt V to Poutface today, and Mommy’s afraid she’ll never want to come play with me again. *sigh* Poutface is cool, but I’m beginning to think Mommy never wants to see him again since he doesn’t sleep. Ever.

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