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{April 25, 2010}   I used up my quota.

Hi all, Fletcher here. Mommy and I went to church this morning, where I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I liked Sunday School and church where people sang and I missed nap time. I danced with Mommy (Well, I danced, Mommy sat in her seat and behaved herself. She says this is most uncharacteristic of her.) and smiled at everybody, and as usual, everyone loved me. It’s hard to be the best looking baby there, but I did my best. But I’d used up my quota of nice by the time Mommy left church and had to go to the store. I required lots of entertainment to stay quiet. Mommy kept telling me that I could scream as much as I wanted once we got in the car, and I was really holding it in cause I flooded the levees once we got outside. When we got home, Mommy decided it was nap time.

{April 24, 2010}   Feels like a vacation.

Last night, the offspring (There’s a woman at work who thinks it’s just awful that I call him that. I think it’s not only truthful, but amusing.) slept from 8pm-4am. I know, I’m amazed too!! That’s the most sleep I’ve gotten in ages. Of course, it’s come a monsoon outside, so maybe he was just responding to the rhythm of the rain [that’s fallin’, nights like this come once in a lifetime, just me and my baby… Ahem. Sorry. My upbringing coming out again, my apologies.]
In other news, the primary surgeon at the new job told me I must be very popular at my old job. I had to admit that it depended on who you talked to. I figured there’s at least a few that won’t be adding me to their Christmas list, considering the last 6-8 months I’ve had. Stupid shit always seems to just happen right in front of me, ya know? I go in to give a lunch, a doc throws an instrument. I tell the truth, some md yells at me. You, know, the usual. *sigh*
The YCU is trying the bargaining thing again. You know, he’ll do [fill in the blank] if I give him [you know]. Maybe I can use this to my advantage. 😉

{April 22, 2010}   Torticollis

Well, good news. It’s just a mild case, and no helmet. The pt’s just played with him and assessed his mobility by watching how he followed the toys with his eyes. We just have to do exercises, put him to sleep on his side, tummy time, and massage the scm, then they want to see him in a month.

In other news, my nephew stayed here last night. He was cranky cause he’d not had a nap, but he was so sweet. He ended up going to bed early. Also, the new job. I like it, but it’s slow. I’m having to use my prn job just to make up the hours. Hopefully, it’ll get better. I miss the action of my prn job, but I needed more family time. Although, I don’t miss writing up surgeons for throwing instruments, like I had to do this week. *sigh* You’d think they’d learn. He wasn’t mad at me, he was just frustrated that he was given the same broken instrument he’d had the day before. Of course, I didn’t know that at the time, but it doesn’t matter. They can’t throw instruments at us, period.

{April 15, 2010}   I should have had a c-section.

Ok, remember that my baby was OP (Occiput Posterior) and we had a hard time getting him out and had to use the vacuum on his head which resulted in a huge hematoma and him getting his first suntan at an early age, right? Well. Today, my child was diagnosed with torticollis and plagiocephaly. Mild, but enough to make me pucker up. For the uninitiated that’s “crooked neck” and “flat head”, respectively. Then, to add insult to injury, I discover that it can be caused by birth trauma and overuse of baby equipment such as carseats, swings, and bouncy chairs. I own one of each which he spends copious amounts of time in. Add all that to me being afraid to put him on his tummy much till he was 3 months old cause he couldn’t hold his head up well or roll over, thereby even remotely risking him suffocating and you’ve got Helicopter Mother of the Year, here. In other words, hovering to the point of harm. So. I should have had a c-section so I could spend more time with him. I should have been sliced open so that his liver wouldn’t poop out and he wouldn’t turn yellow. I should have been cut so that he wouldn’t have gotten a damaged sternocleidomastoid muscle and have a crooked neck and a flat head. I shouldn’t have been afraid of tummy time. I’m still so terrified of SIDS that I run into his room at least twice a night with a penlight just to watch his chest rise and fall. By the time I got home today, I’d all but convinced myself that this had something to do with neural tubes and that even 4mg of folic acid wasn’t enough. A bit of research cured that, but didn’t make me feel any better. So now, my beautiful baby is screaming in his Bumbo chair because I’m throwing the swing and the bouncy chair out. *sigh* He’ll get used to it, I suppose. In other news, he weighs 15 lbs and had his shots today, and they’re otherwise very pleased with his progress. Keep up with the solid foods, try prune juice for the constipation, more tummy time, watch for teething, cut back on food just a bit and only give snacks, such as 2 oz instead of the full 4-6 between feedings. Nursing to soothe is ok, too. He behaved beautifully, and only cried for a second or two after the shots. I didn’t cry at all.

Had lunch with my best friend today. That was soooo much fun. Again, the offspring behaved beautifully. I think he’s perfect. I’m almost positive. But don’t worry, I only tell him he’s the prettiest baby in the whole house, so as not to swell his head.

I was at work on Monday after dropping Fletcher off at the babysitter’s that morning. It was about 230, and I get a text asking me to come get him cause he’d been throwing up all day and screaming nonstop, and she was afraid something was wrong with his belly. Okay. I told my boss, and went flying out of there, thinking everything under the sun, i.e intussusception, ileus, bowel obstruction, perforated bowel, you name it. I get there, and he’s afebrile, his belly’s soft, he smiles at me, and falls asleep in the car on the way home. Hmmmmm. Once home, I made him a bottle of formula, which he ate and fell asleep again. Even more hmmmmmmm. I left her a message that all seemed well, he was just constipated from his daddy thinking it was funny to feed him applesauce and nanners in the same night, but otherwise seemed healthy. I got a text telling me that it was impossible to keep him happy and take care of her own baby, so she couldn’t watch him anymore. This left me approximately 5 hours to find a new babysitter. Uh huh. Yeah. See above title. We called everyone we knew (my husband even called his mother, the whole time I’m thinking “PLEASE be working. PLEASE!!! I’d rather starve than have her anywhere near my baby unsupervised.”) and everyone had to work, had appointments, etc. My husband called his boss to tell him he’d be staying home in the morning and the boss told him his babysitter was looking to take on another child and she was a former nurse at the childrens’ hospital here in town. I thought to myself ” Well, we speak the same language, at least.” We trust his boss, so my husband dropped him off yesterday morning, and I picked him up in the evening. She was really nice, and I was very much won over. (I’m willing to admit that it might have had something to do with her being immediately available, but hey, who am I to claim knowledge of equine dentistry?) I got there, and he was smiling, clean, and content, and they were totally doting on him. Maybe this was a blessing in disguise.
I had to re-certify in ACLS today. That was just sooo much fun I could hardly contain myself. It’s so stressful to have to demonstrate in front of people that you know how to run a code (even though in real life, we all know that anesthesia/hospitalist/nursing supervisor would be doing it, not you).
I had a talk with the YCU today. I told him that it felt like nothing I did was good enough for him, but he knew damn well he wasn’t gonna do it, so what was the problem? He didn’t have much of a response. After he went downstairs to let the dogs in and had to clean up, he was angry that he was the only one cleaning up down there. I just pointed out that he now knew how it felt for me to be doing all the cleaning and chores with not only no help, but them making even more mess and not being conscious of muddy shoes, particulates on socks being deposited on the ottoman, dust and dirt and dishes in general. All of this on top of the sweeping, dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and scrubbing that needs to be done every week, but that rarely gets accomplished due to time constraints of work and offspring. He seemed to get it. We’ll see.

{April 10, 2010}   Wabbit Hunting

Hi all, Fletcher’s evil twin, Poutface here. Right now, I’m blogging from our crib cause Mommy unceremoniously dumped me in here and do you know she ‘spects me to sleep!?! This did NOT make Fletcher happy, so I showed up. There’s sunshine!! Outside!! I like Outside. There’s lots of pretty things to look at out there. Mommy keeps pulling stuff out of the ground and tossing it to the side, then sticking stuff in the hole, then piling the tossed stuff back in again. Then there’s some other stuff that doesn’t seem to belong there at all, cause she just throws that away. Now, how does that silly woman ‘spect me to sleep when there’s all that to supervise? Could someone knock some sense into her, please? I tried this morning with my head, but it didn’t work. I went wabbit hunting this morning, too. Mommy fed me and laid me down next to her and Daddy and in the process of napping, I somehow lost my wabbit footie. When I woke up, me and Mommy went wabbit hunting, at least, that’s what she kept calling it. Something about being ‘vewy, vewy quiet. We’re wabbit hunting.’ Daddy was still sleeping, see. We found the wabbit, and he jumped right back on my foot where he belonged. Otherwise, Mommy said my feet turned to ice cubes. Then, do you know what else happened? You’ll never guess, so I’ll tell you. Mommy’s Aunt E came over and showed me pictures of some place called ‘Scotland’, and some more pictures of something called ‘Stonehenge’, and something else called ‘Big Ben’. Apparently, Aunt E and my Aunt V went traveling and left Mommy at home. Something about Mommy having to eat rather than go see cool stuff. I’m the only one who gets to see ‘cool to me’ stuff anymore, helloooo! We’re learning to go to sleep all by ourselves, instead of with Mommy or Daddy. It makes Fletcher mad, so then I show up, like now. But I’m going away now…..Hi all! Fletcher here. I’m sleeping, and I did it all by myself! Did Poutface keep you entertained? Good. I’m trying to make him behave, but I’m not having much luck. I gotta go, on accounts of Mommy wants me to nap. Bye!

Update: Well, as Fletcher told you, I’ve been gardening and weeding all day. E, my aunt, brought me a lilac sprout and helped me plant it, and then I cleaned out the flower beds. I took a shower and was still hot, so I pulled out some shorts and a t-shirt. Guess who’s in the same clothes she was in this time last year!!!! (Hint: I was only a little bit pregnant, and didn’t even know it yet, so my skinny clothes still fit.) Let the congratulations commence! Seriously, I was worried that I’d never fit into any of my clothes. I guess I got lucky this time. He did finally fall asleep, by the way. I put him in the car and drove to deliver something to my husband at work, and he’s been asleep ever since. I parked him on the front porch while I dug in the dirt, and nary a sound did he make. That’s been 2.5 hours ago. He didn’t really get a good nap this morning, so a long nap in the afternoon is ok, right? I don’t know. We’ll see how it goes tonight.

{April 6, 2010}   I’m beginning to think…

that I need my hearing checked. One of the surgeons at work talks down into the wound, and I have to constantly ask him to repeat himself. Today, I returned a page for another doc, and I could have sworn the person on the other end told me his name was Cameron, but alas, no. His name was Chris. I can’t hear dialogue in a movie, but when I turn up the volume, the music and various kabooms are too loud. Now, both my grandfathers are hard of hearing. One admittedly so, and wears a hearing aid, the other is ‘not quite ready for all that, Nina.’ I had my hearing checked several years ago when I went for an ENT appointment and the partner of my doc decided I needed a hearing exam. (He was an ear specialist. ALL of his patients got hearing exams, whether they needed it or not.) I was told I had some mild hearing loss, at that time, but now, it seems to be worse. Hmmm. I’ve bitched at the surgeons at work for years about mumbling into the wounds. Maybe it was me. Oops. In other news, my offspring fell asleep at 1900 hours, and continues to repose. We’ll see how long that lasts. I made chicken and cornbread tonight, with peas, mashed taters, and mac and cheese. Yeah, I know. You can feel your arteries clogging just reading this. But, damn, it’s good!!! When I went out west and was working on the Indian Res, I discovered a major character flaw of the New Mexican population. They didn’t have sweet tea and biscuits!! Well, they had what could be loosely termed biscuits, but they’ve never heard of shortening, so they were hard as rocks. Sweet tea is made like this: 7 tea bags, 4ish cups of water brought just to a boil. Remove from stove, discard tea bags, and pour into a gallon pitcher. Fill the rest of the way with cold tap water and add 1 3/4 cup of sugar. Stir and enjoy! You can’t get sweet tea west of Memphis, apparently, or north of say Hopkinsville, Ky. It’s a crime, in my opinion. Stirring sugar into cold unsweetened iced tea just isn’t the same.

{April 4, 2010}   Olive Garden…

also entitled “Why Mommy didn’t get to eat her dinner”. Hi, all. Guess who!! I acted up in a restaurant for the first time last night. Then, I wouldn’t go to sleep till 1130. Daddy drove me around, and walked around a parking lot with me dangerously late at night and thought that made him a hero. Me, I was just over-stimulated and my naps were off, so I decided to let them know how that did NOT work for me. I think Mommy and Daddy are gonna figure out soon that going places with me after my bedtime (7pmish) just isn’t gonna work for awhile. Duuuuuuh. *sigh* Imbeciles. The Easter Bunny came! But only after I saw Papa and Mimi. Mommy said I stayed up too late, so he didn’t come to my house. Apparently, the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and the big fat man in the red suit are all in cahoots to make us kids go to bed early. Why? I want to meet them!

{April 2, 2010}   A Herd of Elephants…

has just run through my house. Or so it would seem, since I swept and generally straightened up last night and there’s dirt everywhere on my floors and junk everywhere in my house. *sigh* I live with two men and a baby. None of whom seem to be proficient with a broom, mop, or dust rag. They can’t even sack the trash when it’s time. They just keep piling it up till I get to it. These are the days I want to run away to the beach. I know I have a new baby, but dang it, it just bothers me. I try to keep some level of sanitation, but to no avail. Oh, well. About the new job. It’s laaaaaaaaiiiiiiid back. Like they think I’m intense, laid back. Even the docs think I’m gonna be bored. And said as much. Everybody seems to be worried that I won’t get along with this one surgeon. He seems alright to me. I get the feeling that if you humor him and listen to his stories about all the famous people he knows, he’ll like you on principle, but we’ll see. I’m trying to soak in their routines like a sponge and just do it their way. Which is laid back. Which I’m not, for the most part. YCU went on a job interview this morning, and I have yet to hear how that went. I’ve been calling him periodically throughout the day with no answer. I hope that’s good! Fletcher is holding things, and reaching, and rolled over again today. I’m so ecstatic. Seriously. It’s so neat to watch him grow! I can’t believe I’m finally here. I’m Mommy. *contented sigh*

Oh, yeah. I have the snots again. Woot.

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