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{April 2, 2010}   A Herd of Elephants…

has just run through my house. Or so it would seem, since I swept and generally straightened up last night and there’s dirt everywhere on my floors and junk everywhere in my house. *sigh* I live with two men and a baby. None of whom seem to be proficient with a broom, mop, or dust rag. They can’t even sack the trash when it’s time. They just keep piling it up till I get to it. These are the days I want to run away to the beach. I know I have a new baby, but dang it, it just bothers me. I try to keep some level of sanitation, but to no avail. Oh, well. About the new job. It’s laaaaaaaaiiiiiiid back. Like they think I’m intense, laid back. Even the docs think I’m gonna be bored. And said as much. Everybody seems to be worried that I won’t get along with this one surgeon. He seems alright to me. I get the feeling that if you humor him and listen to his stories about all the famous people he knows, he’ll like you on principle, but we’ll see. I’m trying to soak in their routines like a sponge and just do it their way. Which is laid back. Which I’m not, for the most part. YCU went on a job interview this morning, and I have yet to hear how that went. I’ve been calling him periodically throughout the day with no answer. I hope that’s good! Fletcher is holding things, and reaching, and rolled over again today. I’m so ecstatic. Seriously. It’s so neat to watch him grow! I can’t believe I’m finally here. I’m Mommy. *contented sigh*

Oh, yeah. I have the snots again. Woot.


Kristin says:

I say bag up the trash and put it all in his car…LOL. That might make the point.

Wooohoooo for all the new Fletcher milestones!

Quiet Dreams says:

You definitely need an elephant trainer in there. Sounds like a ridiculous imbalance of responsibilities to me. šŸ™‚

g says:

I think the same heard of elephants went through my house. Good thing I’m never home any more to see the mess, really.


rosesdaughter says:

enjoy the laid back job. You know as a nurse that those jobs are hard to come by. And that heard of elephants that went through your house left and came to mine.

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