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{April 10, 2010}   Wabbit Hunting

Hi all, Fletcher’s evil twin, Poutface here. Right now, I’m blogging from our crib cause Mommy unceremoniously dumped me in here and do you know she ‘spects me to sleep!?! This did NOT make Fletcher happy, so I showed up. There’s sunshine!! Outside!! I like Outside. There’s lots of pretty things to look at out there. Mommy keeps pulling stuff out of the ground and tossing it to the side, then sticking stuff in the hole, then piling the tossed stuff back in again. Then there’s some other stuff that doesn’t seem to belong there at all, cause she just throws that away. Now, how does that silly woman ‘spect me to sleep when there’s all that to supervise? Could someone knock some sense into her, please? I tried this morning with my head, but it didn’t work. I went wabbit hunting this morning, too. Mommy fed me and laid me down next to her and Daddy and in the process of napping, I somehow lost my wabbit footie. When I woke up, me and Mommy went wabbit hunting, at least, that’s what she kept calling it. Something about being ‘vewy, vewy quiet. We’re wabbit hunting.’ Daddy was still sleeping, see. We found the wabbit, and he jumped right back on my foot where he belonged. Otherwise, Mommy said my feet turned to ice cubes. Then, do you know what else happened? You’ll never guess, so I’ll tell you. Mommy’s Aunt E came over and showed me pictures of some place called ‘Scotland’, and some more pictures of something called ‘Stonehenge’, and something else called ‘Big Ben’. Apparently, Aunt E and my Aunt V went traveling and left Mommy at home. Something about Mommy having to eat rather than go see cool stuff. I’m the only one who gets to see ‘cool to me’ stuff anymore, helloooo! We’re learning to go to sleep all by ourselves, instead of with Mommy or Daddy. It makes Fletcher mad, so then I show up, like now. But I’m going away now…..Hi all! Fletcher here. I’m sleeping, and I did it all by myself! Did Poutface keep you entertained? Good. I’m trying to make him behave, but I’m not having much luck. I gotta go, on accounts of Mommy wants me to nap. Bye!

Update: Well, as Fletcher told you, I’ve been gardening and weeding all day. E, my aunt, brought me a lilac sprout and helped me plant it, and then I cleaned out the flower beds. I took a shower and was still hot, so I pulled out some shorts and a t-shirt. Guess who’s in the same clothes she was in this time last year!!!! (Hint: I was only a little bit pregnant, and didn’t even know it yet, so my skinny clothes still fit.) Let the congratulations commence! Seriously, I was worried that I’d never fit into any of my clothes. I guess I got lucky this time. He did finally fall asleep, by the way. I put him in the car and drove to deliver something to my husband at work, and he’s been asleep ever since. I parked him on the front porch while I dug in the dirt, and nary a sound did he make. That’s been 2.5 hours ago. He didn’t really get a good nap this morning, so a long nap in the afternoon is ok, right? I don’t know. We’ll see how it goes tonight.

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