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{April 14, 2010}   ‘Livid’ doesn’t begin to describe it.

I was at work on Monday after dropping Fletcher off at the babysitter’s that morning. It was about 230, and I get a text asking me to come get him cause he’d been throwing up all day and screaming nonstop, and she was afraid something was wrong with his belly. Okay. I told my boss, and went flying out of there, thinking everything under the sun, i.e intussusception, ileus, bowel obstruction, perforated bowel, you name it. I get there, and he’s afebrile, his belly’s soft, he smiles at me, and falls asleep in the car on the way home. Hmmmmm. Once home, I made him a bottle of formula, which he ate and fell asleep again. Even more hmmmmmmm. I left her a message that all seemed well, he was just constipated from his daddy thinking it was funny to feed him applesauce and nanners in the same night, but otherwise seemed healthy. I got a text telling me that it was impossible to keep him happy and take care of her own baby, so she couldn’t watch him anymore. This left me approximately 5 hours to find a new babysitter. Uh huh. Yeah. See above title. We called everyone we knew (my husband even called his mother, the whole time I’m thinking “PLEASE be working. PLEASE!!! I’d rather starve than have her anywhere near my baby unsupervised.”) and everyone had to work, had appointments, etc. My husband called his boss to tell him he’d be staying home in the morning and the boss told him his babysitter was looking to take on another child and she was a former nurse at the childrens’ hospital here in town. I thought to myself ” Well, we speak the same language, at least.” We trust his boss, so my husband dropped him off yesterday morning, and I picked him up in the evening. She was really nice, and I was very much won over. (I’m willing to admit that it might have had something to do with her being immediately available, but hey, who am I to claim knowledge of equine dentistry?) I got there, and he was smiling, clean, and content, and they were totally doting on him. Maybe this was a blessing in disguise.
I had to re-certify in ACLS today. That was just sooo much fun I could hardly contain myself. It’s so stressful to have to demonstrate in front of people that you know how to run a code (even though in real life, we all know that anesthesia/hospitalist/nursing supervisor would be doing it, not you).
I had a talk with the YCU today. I told him that it felt like nothing I did was good enough for him, but he knew damn well he wasn’t gonna do it, so what was the problem? He didn’t have much of a response. After he went downstairs to let the dogs in and had to clean up, he was angry that he was the only one cleaning up down there. I just pointed out that he now knew how it felt for me to be doing all the cleaning and chores with not only no help, but them making even more mess and not being conscious of muddy shoes, particulates on socks being deposited on the ottoman, dust and dirt and dishes in general. All of this on top of the sweeping, dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and scrubbing that needs to be done every week, but that rarely gets accomplished due to time constraints of work and offspring. He seemed to get it. We’ll see.

Quiet Dreams says:

So glad you found a good replacement sitter!
And no advice here about the whole task sharing problem. Just sympathy.

Enna says:

5 hours? AND VIA TEXT??? Oh someone needs a beat down.

Nina says:

My sentiments exactly, but you only get one phone call in the pokey, so I thought that needed more attention at that moment. However, if I see her on the street…

A TEXT?!? REALLY? Good grief. As much as that situation sucked, it sounds like you have a better deal! I hope that works out for you now.

Good luck keeping up with YCU cleaning. My hubs doesn’t lift a G-D finger. GRRRR. I am lucky if he puts a glass NEAR the sink- or manages to spit his toothpast IN the sink. LOL!

rosesdaughter says:

she gave you FIVE hours notice via a TEXT MESSAGE???????AW HELL TO THE NAW!!! I would have been all over and up that ass!!!!!!! Girl you are GOOD! Glad you found a good replacement. As for the hubby cleaning up, you know my issues so I feel you.

Nina says:

I know. I wanted to, I really did. But I also needed to be able to work the next day, so I had to take out my anger on my phone. Poor phone.

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