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{April 15, 2010}   I should have had a c-section.

Ok, remember that my baby was OP (Occiput Posterior) and we had a hard time getting him out and had to use the vacuum on his head which resulted in a huge hematoma and him getting his first suntan at an early age, right? Well. Today, my child was diagnosed with torticollis and plagiocephaly. Mild, but enough to make me pucker up. For the uninitiated that’s “crooked neck” and “flat head”, respectively. Then, to add insult to injury, I discover that it can be caused by birth trauma and overuse of baby equipment such as carseats, swings, and bouncy chairs. I own one of each which he spends copious amounts of time in. Add all that to me being afraid to put him on his tummy much till he was 3 months old cause he couldn’t hold his head up well or roll over, thereby even remotely risking him suffocating and you’ve got Helicopter Mother of the Year, here. In other words, hovering to the point of harm. So. I should have had a c-section so I could spend more time with him. I should have been sliced open so that his liver wouldn’t poop out and he wouldn’t turn yellow. I should have been cut so that he wouldn’t have gotten a damaged sternocleidomastoid muscle and have a crooked neck and a flat head. I shouldn’t have been afraid of tummy time. I’m still so terrified of SIDS that I run into his room at least twice a night with a penlight just to watch his chest rise and fall. By the time I got home today, I’d all but convinced myself that this had something to do with neural tubes and that even 4mg of folic acid wasn’t enough. A bit of research cured that, but didn’t make me feel any better. So now, my beautiful baby is screaming in his Bumbo chair because I’m throwing the swing and the bouncy chair out. *sigh* He’ll get used to it, I suppose. In other news, he weighs 15 lbs and had his shots today, and they’re otherwise very pleased with his progress. Keep up with the solid foods, try prune juice for the constipation, more tummy time, watch for teething, cut back on food just a bit and only give snacks, such as 2 oz instead of the full 4-6 between feedings. Nursing to soothe is ok, too. He behaved beautifully, and only cried for a second or two after the shots. I didn’t cry at all.

Had lunch with my best friend today. That was soooo much fun. Again, the offspring behaved beautifully. I think he’s perfect. I’m almost positive. But don’t worry, I only tell him he’s the prettiest baby in the whole house, so as not to swell his head.

Kristin says:

Don’t beat yourself up over it. It will all be ok. BTW, you know a chiropractor can help with the torticollis, right?

Nina says:

Yes, I was reading about it. My ped wanted me to do PT first, though. Do chiropractors do babies? I didn’t know that. I thought they just did adults. I guess there’s specialties for everything, though.

Hootie says:

They ABSOLUTELY do babies! And not as expensively as PT, I might add. In addition, if your little one is torqued in any way, sometimes it makes for constipation. A nice gentle adjustment often causes interior things to unkink and lo and behold, you have a few BM’s all of a sudden.

Nina says:

Huh. I thought it was the formula. And the nanners and applesauce his daddy fed him. “But he likes it!!”

rosesdaughter says:

Well, your visit sounds like mine! i too avoided tummy time like the plague, and depended on the bouncy and the swing. And now we have a diagnosis of mild plagiocephaly. Except that she didnt want to do an “official” diagnosis. Pookah too screams bloody murder in the newly acquired bumbo chair, No more bouncy chair, but im keeping that damn swing. We just wont be in it as much. So you see, I had a c-section and i still have these problems…..

g says:

Sweetheart- I had a c/s and still had two babies with plagiocephaly. It self resolved.

Don’t sweat it.

But my pelvic floor? Pristine 🙂


Quiet Dreams says:


Don’t beat yourself up, baba. On days like this, medical research is Not Your Friend!

I sweated the SIDS thing too, although I used an electric pad under the cot mattress to alert me when it couldn’t detect breathing, which helped. I used to watch the little flashing led on the unit by my bedside that told me everytime he took a breath – which beat getting out of bed! Thing was, when he got older, the alarm used to go off so often that eventually I stopped using it, as he was rolling off it into the corners, but your lad would probably still be ok for one.

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