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{April 24, 2010}   Feels like a vacation.

Last night, the offspring (There’s a woman at work who thinks it’s just awful that I call him that. I think it’s not only truthful, but amusing.) slept from 8pm-4am. I know, I’m amazed too!! That’s the most sleep I’ve gotten in ages. Of course, it’s come a monsoon outside, so maybe he was just responding to the rhythm of the rain [that’s fallin’, nights like this come once in a lifetime, just me and my baby… Ahem. Sorry. My upbringing coming out again, my apologies.]
In other news, the primary surgeon at the new job told me I must be very popular at my old job. I had to admit that it depended on who you talked to. I figured there’s at least a few that won’t be adding me to their Christmas list, considering the last 6-8 months I’ve had. Stupid shit always seems to just happen right in front of me, ya know? I go in to give a lunch, a doc throws an instrument. I tell the truth, some md yells at me. You, know, the usual. *sigh*
The YCU is trying the bargaining thing again. You know, he’ll do [fill in the blank] if I give him [you know]. Maybe I can use this to my advantage. 😉


g says:

Sleep is the best thing on earth. Okay, after chocolate.


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