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{April 25, 2010}   I used up my quota.

Hi all, Fletcher here. Mommy and I went to church this morning, where I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I liked Sunday School and church where people sang and I missed nap time. I danced with Mommy (Well, I danced, Mommy sat in her seat and behaved herself. She says this is most uncharacteristic of her.) and smiled at everybody, and as usual, everyone loved me. It’s hard to be the best looking baby there, but I did my best. But I’d used up my quota of nice by the time Mommy left church and had to go to the store. I required lots of entertainment to stay quiet. Mommy kept telling me that I could scream as much as I wanted once we got in the car, and I was really holding it in cause I flooded the levees once we got outside. When we got home, Mommy decided it was nap time.

g says:

That’s a busy day, young baby. No wonder you used up your quota!


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