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{May 3, 2010}   Water-logged

Well, not to worry, everyone. All this radio silence is just laziness. I’ve not been swept away by flash floods. I was trapped downtown Sunday while the hospital called a disaster code, however. The first two floors of the women’s hospital was under water, they had to swim to HR, they had no suction in the building, and their elevators were non-operational. They were talking about dragging out the stairway slides to evacuate patients. It was awful! A mexican restaurant down the street was submerged up to their roof, the Opryland Hotel is still under 19 feet of water. Seems like there were tornadoes this time last year and I was stuck downtown during that too. At least this time I didn’t have to listen to the dulcet tones of some doctor screaming at me. That was nice.
Today, I had a patient who was 32 years old, a mixed martial artist, smoked 2 packs of cigs a day, and drank a 6-pack of beer a day. And that’s just what he would admit to. We all know it was probably more. His blood pressure was 190/120. My mouth engaged before my brain did (you know, like normal) and I wondered aloud (out of his earshot, thank goodness) if he had erectile dysfunction. Not to mention renal failure. His blood pressure meds were on the local pharmacy’s list of $4 prescriptions. *sigh* You’d think he’d care more about that, but…not so much. He was also complaining of symptoms that (huh, imagine that) made me fear for the future of his gallbladder. Or a long hospital stay due to pancreatitis. *rubs forehead vigorously*
In other news, Fletcher is growing like a little stinkweed. I’m afraid he’s gonna go to kindergarten thinking his name’s Chunk or Stinkweed, but hopefully we can contain that soon. I fully intended to take him to church again, but we got rained out. Try again for next week. Next Sunday is Mother’s Day. It’ll be my first real one. I’m kind of excited.

Enna says:

I was just about to ask if you were underwater! Glad to hear you are ok!

rosesdaughter says:

Glad you are OK! I was just wondering how you were doing!

Glad you are okay!!!!
um, a mixed martial artist that smoked two packs a DAY!?!?! Geez, when I used to smoke- it was a little less than a half a pack every two days, and it messed up my exercise. Crazy people! I hope your hospital gets straightened out soon- that has got to be scary. I am REEEEAAALLLLYYY dreading hurricane season.
Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

Quiet Dreams says:

Stay dry, girl, and happy mother’s day. 🙂

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