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{May 8, 2010}   My Mother’s Day Gift

Today, for the first time, Fletcher held his own bottle, rolled from his back to his front, and blew me a raspberry and grinned. My gift was that I got to see each one. So many parents lament missing their child’s milestones. I didn’t miss it. I’ve gotten so lucky with everything. He’s healthy, he knew how to nurse, he’s distinctively crabby when he’s not feeling well, or otherwise indisposed, (this makes it easy to know when to start trouble-shooting) I got to see his first smile, the first time he held his head up, and the first time he rolled from his belly to his back. He’s really made it easy. Fletcher was enough, but God went one better. *sigh*

Kristin says:

Aaaaaaw, so glad you’ve gotten to be there for so many milestones.

Nicole says:

Yay! Very happy for you!

rosesdaughter says:


g says:

Okay, I’m glad I got 18 months partially at home, but this makes my 70 hour week self sad for the NOW,



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