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{May 13, 2010}   Stinkweed

People ask me all the time how Fletcher’s doing, and I always answer ‘Wonderful! He’s growing like a little stinkweed.’ So, I made a new ticker to update everyone automatically. He keeps blowing raspberries at me, cause now he thinks it’s funny. (It is funny.)
This week, I was forced to work with the same doctor that hollered at me back last spring over the whole “I’m a little girl and don’t want to talk to anesthesia professionally like I’m supposed to” issue. Woot. *sigh* He was reasonably pleasant. I was surprised. I also wondered if he’d been prescribed medication.
In my new job, I’m getting it from all sides, literally. I had a doc call me stupid, (wait, this is actually funny) another staff member call me fat, and an anesthesiologist call me easy. I was telling this story earlier today and someone asked me if they hired me for other reasons than to circulate in the OR. I hope not, cause they’re barking up the wrong tree. What happened was, see, this doc and I were discussing handgun permits and the fact that he had one, and my husband wanted me to get one. Seriously? I don’t think I need to be let loose with a gun. Ever. Not to mention my husband constantly reminds me that anyone dumb enough to grab me would bring me back. I related this information to Dr. K, and he (keep in mind, this man is just a constant chatterer who has no idea how the other half lives, and is even less cognizant of what comes out of his mouth)said “Yeah, my wife is stupid like you…” Wow. I shook my head cause I know how he is, and I truly don’t think he meant it like that, but it was pretty funny! Then, the assistant came in the room (he’d not been present for the ‘stupid’ incident) and told me I didn’t need to gain any more weight. Ouch!! I’d like it noted that I’m down to below my pre-pregnant weight, thank you very much! Then one of the anesthesiologists was making a joke, and said that he usually got at least a giggle out of that, and I told him that he’d made me laugh. He says “Oh, well, you’re easy.” That’s it, I’m going the hell home. As you can see, I’m just having a bitchin’ week. While none of these things were meant the way they came out (I hope), I still thought it was funny. I’ve got enough fodder for guilt trips for at least two more weeks! Shall have to finagle lunch out of them! đŸ˜‰

Kristin says:

Good guilt trip material is priceless.

CityGirl says:

Sounds like you have enough evidence – taken out of context as it might be – for a nice lawsuit and a big, fat settlement.

You could use the money to buy yourself a gun. :o)

g says:

Oh my.


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