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Hi, all. Fletcher here. Well. Mommy says e-x-e-r-c-i-s-e is a dirty bad word, so I have to spell it. ‘Cept I can’t spell, so Mommy had to help. We went to see Miss Rebecca the Pizikal Terrapin today, and she said that my head looks much prettier this time. (It was always pretty, she just needed a closer look. I’m beautiful, cause everybody says so. Even the two old ladies who almost took me home with them today at Chick-Fil-A. But I told them I have to keep Mommy entertained, or she gets very grumpy and starts to cry and whine, so they decided Mommy needed me more. It’s a good thing, cause I’ve discovered that my retrieval alarms only work at home!) She also said that my neck is lots straighter now, on account of all that side-sleeping and tummy time Mommy and Daddy make me do. But then, do you know she said I have a beer gut and my belly muskles aren’t strong and I have a big head??!!!?? Humppphh! So now I have to e-x-e-r-c-i-s-e every day, and get rid of my keg for a six pack, says Mommy. What exactly are a keg and a six pack? No one will tell me! Anyway, I’m rolling over, almost sitting (which is why I have to do sit-ups, is what Miss Rebecca said), blowing raspberry kisses at Mommy, and just today, I held my own bottle all by myself, and was drinking from it. With no help! I’m the biggest boy there ever was! Mommy says so. Apparently, I really must be, cause there was another baby in the waiting room, and she was only a few weeks younger than me, but I could have had her for my snack! She was little. Course, her mommy said I was just big. Maybe I am. Mommy thinks so.

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