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{June 1, 2010}   Spish Spash!!!

Hi all, Fletcher here! I went swimming yesterday! I am a fish. Who spish spashes all over the place. I was doing laps all the way around the pool under my own leg power. (My inboard motor wasn’t working for some reason.) It was fun! Mommy put me in my new swimmie float that looks like a fish, and I was leaned back under the canopy, kicking away. Daddy was soooooo proud of me! Mommy said I looked like a duck. I was tired after that, though. I snuggled up next to Mommy and went to sleep. While she was feeding me, I was discovering her nose and mouth with my fingers. I am a very good and determined discoverer. I didn’t much like sunscreen, but otherwise, I wholeheartedly approve of swimming. Papa Ralph called me a water dog. Spish Spash, I was takin’ a bath….

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