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{June 5, 2010}   I was just telling my husband…

about how I get hot thinking about men who can hit the hamper, the trash can, and the dishwasher/sink with total accuracy. Made him think, I can tell you. Think about more ways to piss me off. Like walking right by the trash next to the door and me having to holler “Hey, take that on your way out!” Or yell at me (from the room right next to the baby’s) to go take care of him. When I tell him it’s probably a diaper, I’m busy, you do it, getting met with the blank stare of (Kristin’s term) male pattern blindness. *slowly puts knife back in drawer as this would cause even more cleanup* Yeah, he was mad that Fletcher fell over and did a faceplant from the Boppy pillow and I didn’t catch him in time. I was right next to him, did he think I pushed him over? WTF?!!?? I’m interviewing elephant trainers as we speak. Ones with extra long whips.

In other news, we’re going back to the pool tomorrow so that my little duck can swim some more. I should have video and pics soon!


Kristin says:

I can’t wait to see the pictures and video of Fletcher at the pool.

C-Dub tends to always look at me like it’s my fault when something happends to the Pookah. And why is that? I give him the sideways look when I come home from working all night and there are dirty bottles and dirty diapers and baby clothes everywhere. What, you couldn’t find the hamper??? Dumb ass.
Anyway, can’t wait to see photos from the pool!

g says:

It’s just that pesky Y chromosome. šŸ™‚


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