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{June 10, 2010}   I pooted.

Hi, all, Fletcher, here! I engaged my inboard motor on the scale at the mean bad place today. That’s what I thought of their mean bad sticky things they hurt my legs with. Hmmmph. But!! Dr M (my Dr M, not Mommy’s) says my crooked neck is mostly all better! And that I’m growing like a stinkweed. I showed him how I can hold things, touch my toes, pull off a sheet covering my face, and smiled like the cutie-pie I am! They think I’m funny.

Kristin says:

Grow Fletcher Grow!

Nina says:

Thank you, Miss Kristin. I’ll do my best to get bigger and cuter every day!

Quiet Dreams says:

Yay, Fletcher! I think you’re funny, too!

Hootie says:

Oh, six months! That’s when they rock and giggle and have dimples and break into smiles every time you come into a room! They’re adorable at that age. We liked our little boy so much at that stage that we softened up about having another baby–and a week later I was pregnant! That’s how you get schnookered into it–the adorable baby is sneaky that way!

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