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Remember when I told you that nothing is sacred in the OR? Well, when you operate (no pun intended) under those conditions all the time, it makes you forget that everyone else is squeamish about subjects you discuss every day. Like man-panties. Or girly parts and their various temperaments. You know. Squeamish stuff. So. Today, I had to go return some car parts (I know, supposed to be his job, but he was sweaty and dirty and didn’t feel like going anywhere. *sigh* Guess who got nominated to return the parts and get other parts? Yeah. Me. So I go in the parts store, girding my loins in preparation to make a total fool of myself by revealing immediately my complete lack of knowledge of anything involving cars except where to put the key. I know where to put the key. And the gas nozzle. But that’s about it. I had to call the hubby anyway to confirm that he had some part already that was supposed to go with the parts I was getting in exchange for the parts he didn’t need. Clear as mud? I thought not. Anyway, I was explaining to these men that I hired him for that, and that I thought it was a fair exchange for picking up his man-panties out of the hallway…cricket….cricket. *face palm* I got a blank stare and an “O….kay. Yeah, so that’ll be X amount of dollars…”. Like I said, I forgot.

My child blew raspberries at the minister. During the sermon. Loudly. That’s my boy! He made everyone around us giggle, and the preacher told everyone that “Well, that may not be a prayer request we understand, but that’s just fine. Just fine.” *shakes head while giggling surreptitiously* He also didn’t get a nap today, so it’s gonna be ON tonight. I’m ec-STAT-ic. (Think Ursula from The Little Mermaid.) Looks like my child did inherit my DNA after all. I promise, by the way, that I’ve not forgotten all of you. I promised a few posts back to get the videos of Fletcher swimming and me sounding like Daisy Duke in the background (I sound sooooooo country, I should be in a video with cutoffs and a top tied around my midriff. Ugh.) downloaded and pasted to my blog for all of you to admire profusely. I have not, however, managed to get the YCU motivated to help me, which, unfortunately, is required if I want it to actually get done properly.

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