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{June 14, 2010}   If he were mine…

he’d be on a different kind of road crew. But I’m just bitchy like that. This is what I told the surgeon this morning about our patient’s boyfriend who broke her thumb for her. He works on the road crew in one of those bright orange tee-shirts and the heavy machinery. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings one iota to have his cowardly, short having ass hauled into jail. I had a patient’s significant other show up and expect to enter her room once. I told him he could leave. Now. Thank you. He told me he could just pick me up and toss me aside. I told him he only had two hands. Did he value his manhood? He didn’t bother me after that. I’m sorry, but if any man ever hit me, he better not go to sleep. I felt so sorry for this girl. I told her as she was leaving that if she needed anything she could call us, but that was as comfortable as I felt addressing it with her. I only hope she comes to her senses soon. She already admitted it to the surgeon when he told her that her fracture wasn’t consistent with a “fall”. He said she just burst into tears. How sad! *sigh* I wish I could right the wrongs of the earth, but the statistics aren’t looking good. I voiced all these thoughts and I think I scared the surgeon. He and the staff all laughed nervously at me and joked about me going out to talk to him with Dr. K, that I’d fix his (the boyfriend’s) wagon. Well, it wouldn’t be for lack of effort, but it’d probably make the girl’s situation worse. *sigh*


Hootie says:

I don’t know what the social services network is like where you are–but we have cards with 800 numbers on them for care and safe houses in case of domestic abuse. In the dental field we also see the occasional “aftermath” of someone in need of anger management. You press one of those cards into their hands or tell them to hide it in their wallet in case of emergency. Tell them if they don’t need it personally (cause we aren’t making any judgments here) they should save the info for a friend. From a legal standpoint we can’t press the issue or worse, the significant other shows up and sends some sunshine OUR way, as well. It’s a fine line–walk carefully.

Nina says:

Yeah, I know. I just hate it.

Kristin says:

I have a large cast iron frying pan that would be perfect for beating some sense into that idiots head. Need to borrow it?

g says:

Your job sounds like my local demographic. Fun, ain’t it?


Quiet Dreams says:

It’s so hard to see this. I see it, too, in my job.

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