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{June 17, 2010}   Tut, tut, it looks like rain! Tut, tut…

Just call me Christopher Robin. Seriously, the OR started raining today. They were constructing on the floor above us today, and it sounded like the Big Bang Theory was being recreated for about an hour. Suddenly, it came a monsoon outside, and OR 11 started raining! So the room had to be evacuated and all equipment displaced and maintenance was called. We walked by and looked in the window only to see some goober hanging from the ceiling while another goober pushed the ladder up under him. And it was a painting ladder, not an extension ladder. He was far above the safety rung on the very top step. I couldn’t help myself, I opened the door and asked the moron if he was trying to create more work for us!

In other news, I’ve been suspicious for 2 days now that Fletcher has an ear infection. I’d noticed him rubbing his ear occasionally the other day, but when I asked the babysitters about it, they said that they hadn’t noticed it, so I didn’t worry. Well, tonight, he was rubbing his ear, it looks red down inside there, and he’s generally angry. I guess we’re off to see the doctor tomorrow. “Weeeeee-re off to see the doctor, the wonderful doctor for ears….” Yes, I can do this all day.

Kristin says:

Yikes, hope Fletcher’s ear clears up quickly.

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