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{June 18, 2010}   Hee-hee ;)

Hi all, Fletcher, here. I’ve been kinda grumpy lately on accounts that my mouf hurts!!! If I could get both hands in there at once, my life would be complete, I think. Mommy found me sucking my thumb and almost had to be ‘suscitated. I think she’s afraid I’ll get attached. I was so grumpy that I decided to play a joke on Mommy. I rubbed my ear several times over the last two days and she thought I had a mean bad ear. So I went to the mean bad place today, where they said I was perfectly fine! Hee-hee! Wasn’t my joke funny? I laughed as Mommy was saying bye to the ladies in the cages. For some reason, Mommy doesn’t seem to be smiling. There, I put my hand on her mouf while she feeds me. THAT always makes her smile! 😉

Hootie says:

Every time one of mine did the ear rubbing thing, it meant that teeth were on their way! Oh, mind you, sometimes it took three months of drooly undershirts, but they were just under the gums, working their way through.

Pookah has taken to taking ANYTHING and rubbing his gums hard with it! IT’s so funny and sad at the same time.

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