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{June 22, 2010}   Momma’s duck

Video on next post.
The first two are self explanatory; I just couldn’t help myself. *snickers*
This is an extreeeeeeeeemely belated picture of the Alabama blanket I crocheted following the pattern Kristen created. I’m soooo behind on pics and promises that I got a little photo happy. Sorry!

I can’t view your vid!! šŸ˜¦

Nina says:

Are you using Quicktime? That’s what we had to upload it with.

Enna says:

1. YOUR SON IS ADORABLE! Holy cow he is so beautiful!
2. YouTube says it’s a private video and you need an invite to view it.

LOL! I love the pictures! I love the bird/booby picture. šŸ™‚
Oh yea- ROLL TIDE!!!!

Quiet Dreams says:

He’s too gorgeous!

rosesdaughter says:

He is sooo gorgeous!!! I just want to nom those cheeks!!!

g says:


Clucking at my PC here.


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