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{July 31, 2010}   Motherly Angst

Well, Fletcher is officially mobile. I laid him in his floor in his room to play and found him across the room, face up, under his swing! This is going to be fun/challenging/scary/interesting! He’s still the happiest baby I know, still takes three naps a day, and still loves him some Kung Fu P.anda! Now, I have to go to Wal.-Mart and pick up a bunch of drawer and door catches and a baby gate.

My husband. What can I say about my husband? He’s now decided that forgiveness is easier to obtain than permission. At least, he must have, cause he brought home a puppy without even asking if I wanted another dog. Which I don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I like animals, but I was looking forward to having less to clean and not having to spend on vet bills and food. Grrrrr. He is cute, though. He has hearts on him. Yeah, that’s right, hearts. He’s black and white and some of the black splotches are heart-shaped. No word yet on a name.

{July 23, 2010}   Conversations with my husband

aka Things aren’t always what they seem
aka What part of “I want to spend my vacation vacating/laying by the pool/getting a tan/generally relaxing and not blowing money and running around the whole time” did you not understand?

*sigh* My dad’s travel tragedies are genetic. We were involved in 2 (count ’em, 2) accidents while there. Neither one was our fault, but still. Someone hit us from behind (this caused no damage, as they were traveling at a low speed) then, this am, the bellboy was bringing the car around, and the manager of the parking garage backed into our car! (This cause some front end damage.) So, we spent an hour and a half this am with the police and the hotel manager, and on the phone with the insurance company. My husband booked us in the only hotel in Savannah without a pool. So did I get a tan while on my vacation? No, I did not. Now, it was a really nice hotel, with bellhops and turndown service, and wine tasting, and such, (and it had better have been, since it was sorely lacking in the pool department), but seriously? I’m perfectly capable of hauling my own gear, getting my own ice, I don’t drink wine, and no, thank you, I do not want you running to my car for me to retrieve my bag from Wal-Mart that had personal stuff in it, I’ll get it myself, just tell me where you parked the damn thing, thanks. Paula Dee.n’s restaurant was a bust, we waited for 45 minutes with reservations, and it had like six things on the menu, unless you wanted to eat from the buffet. I really don’t like buffets. I realize I have issues, but buffets are just icky. People sneezing in them, kids sticking their fingers in stuff, people that don’t get a new plate each time (And you know they’re out there, or they wouldn’t put up those signs. It’s like the “do not eat” labels they put on the silica packets in your new shoes. Who thinks of this stuff to do?), and sundry other ickies. And we were suffering from Fletch-ulence. He screamed the whole time, unless one of us was holding him, I assume because no one loved him, or fed him, or played with him, the sun was in his eyes, someone farted too closely, I don’t know. But these all sound reasonable. Anyway, the six things on the menu were a lot of fish, mushrooms, etc that I don’t eat. I finally ordered the shrimp and grits, and in reading the description, it didn’t actually say that shrimp was in the dish (I know, it sounds stupid, but I thought maybe the name was figurative in some way, not literal) and it was disgusting. I’m the pickiest eater alive, so it probably was really great (it was Paula D.een after all) but I’ve been raised on crap, apparently, and I like it. The Mel.ting Pot was no different. I thought they brought you stuff to dip in fondue thingies, oh no. You have to cook your own food, because they bring you this plate of raw stuff and expect you to know how to cook it (I live in deathly fear of raw meat/fish/chicken and the diseases that accompany it). And the Fletch-ulence was viral, evidently, because it flared up again, here. *sigh* I did enjoy walking around in downtown Savannah, but I’ve become convinced that every child in the state of Georgia is guilty of indecent exposure because of the severe shortage of diaper changing facilities anywhere in the entire state. I did finally find one in Cracker Ba.rrel, and of course, since that was the cheapest meal we ate while we were there, I loved it.

You’re all going to laugh at me. I just know it. I’ll post pics later, but I caved. We bought one of those baby harnesses and strapped it on my husband. Downtown Savannah has almost no wheelchair access ramps, so stroller transportation became damn near impossible. Luckily, he didn’t have to pee. That would have been awkward. However, Fletcher really seemed to like the harness. He laughed and giggled and flapped his arms and kicked his feet, and seemed to have a good time. We bought him a little bucket hat to keep the sun off him, and it was the cutest thing! He’s got as many girlfriends in Savannah now as in Nashville. Absolutely everywhere we went people stopped to talk to him and compliment him. I was only a little bit proud. He’s also trying to get mobile. Yeah, we didn’t bring the pack’n’play because we didn’t think we’d need it. We found him under the bed. He now rolls to get where he wants to go. I now need a vacation from my vacation.

{July 17, 2010}   Vacation, Vacation, Vacation

Yeah. We’re headed to Savannah, GA for some sun and fun. I can’t wait! Now, for all of you who are stalking my fabulous-enough-to-stalk self, if you break into my home, you will be greeted by my attack pug. So don’t. He’ll eat you alive. I mean it. Been reading the Twi-porn again. *sighs contentedly* I’m thinking of adding the site to my blogroll over there. Trust me, girls, it’s worth the read, if for no other purpose than giving our warped, dirty little minds and outlet. So, I’m out, I’ll try to blog this week and post up some pics. Now, I must pack the whole house in effort to travel with this infant I picked up on the side of the road and in no way spawned. I have a friend who once told me that if her son didn’t start behaving soon, she was gonna put him out in the middle of the road with a sign round his neck saying “FREE!” I may end up using that one some day. But not today.

Today, while prepping a patient with betadine (brown antiseptic soap used for surgical preps) I made a big mess, as usual. However, when I leaned up against the bed, I suddenly had the sensation you get when you’re in 7-8th grade and you start your period in white shorts. I look down, and I’ve leaned into a puddle, thereby soaking up the betadine in the crotchal region, and it began to seep in places that just might cause chafing. Not to mention how it looked. Yeah. So I had to change clothes. *sigh* This is the kind of shit that only happens to me. My husband told me that today, Fletcher got quiet all of a sudden, and you know what happens when kids get quiet. Either something is wrong, or they’re into something they’re not supposed to be, right? He looked up and Fletcher was sitting, bent double, fast asleep face first in the blanket! Naturally, he didn’t get a picture of it, because he started talking to him and startled him awake. Currently trying to de-funk my house. I’ll let you know how it works out.

Yeah, I’ve been reading Twi-porn. *shamefacedly covers her head* But! I’ve also been up past midnight for about 6 nights in a row! (Hint: It was even more fun than reading.) Coincidentally, my husband has been finding the hamper, dishwasher, and garbage with increasing accuracy. Hmmmm…anyway. I didn’t forget about you all, there was just not enough hours in the day to blog aaaaaannnnnd, well, you know. So I’m thinking of starting Fletcher his own blog. That way, he won’t keep hijacking mine, and my parents can see it and all the aunts and uncles, and maybe that’ll keep the MIL from marching forth and invading more often. Oh!! He has a toof! Just one, and there’s not much of it, but that damn thing is sharp! Yes, I found out the hard way. He won’t be using my finger as a chew toy anymore. He’s also sitting up unaided all the time now. He’s not made any effort at sitting up from a lying position, but he’s doing well with his sit ups and tummy time, so I imagine it won’t be long. My house is in a terminal state of funk, partially due to living with two grown men (Oh, no I didn’t suddenly change religions, we’ve got a roommate. He pays us $350 a month, and we get groceries, and he gets free water and internet.) and an infant, and partially cause of Twi-porn. Like I said, there’s only so many hours in the day, and men can’t be bothered to wipe their feet, and not leave sticky stuff on the counter tops, load the dishwasher, take out the trash, and generally everything else that’s their job because I said so. Maybe we should blow it up and start over. (Just so everyone knows, that’s a joke, and if my house were to blow up, it would be completely unintentional. Really. I promise.) The guy that is my antagonist at work was put in his place the other day. He was the one who told me I didn’t need to gain anymore weight the same day the doc told me I was stupid, and the anesthesiologist told me I was easy. (All of this was out of context, but I’ve never let them forget it.) He keeps teasing me about joining a gym, and when he made the comment about me getting some dumbbells, well, I had to remind him that I already had two at work. *smiles* We had to drive to Cleveland, TN on Friday. My husband’s ex-stepdad’s sister died and we had to go to the visitation. I hate going down there. We’ve been talking about trying to get pregnant again next year. We’ll see how it goes.

{July 4, 2010}   Poutface lives!

Hi all, Poutface here. First, before we get started, can someone please tell Mommy that I wasn’t gonna eat the moss, I was just gonna taste it. She was laughing Friday, the whole time I was shoving the stuff in my mouth, but then she took it away, as if there were something wrong with an almost 7-month-old eating peat moss! Fletcher got to meet lots of new people yesterday! Mommy took him to Great Grandma’s old house and we all had a picnic! He wanted to get down in the dirt and make drooly mud, but everybody pooped on that party. He’d like it noted that HE’s the only one allowed to poop on anything around here, thankyou. Anyway, the reason I’m here is cause Fletcher didn’t want to go to sleep during church today. We fought and fought and fought with Mommy and she had to take me out 3 times to keep from bothering everybody. I got the last laugh, though. It took me 60 seconds to fall asleep on the way home.

{July 2, 2010}   The week in review…

Item-I was told at work that AC/DC was satanic. Yeah. Irish, maybe, but “You Shook Me All Night Long” wasn’t discussing fire and brimstone. Sorry to disappoint you.
Item-My new job is about to get slower, due to one of the docs getting fired.
Item-My offspring ate moss today. Peat moss that was growing on my rock wall in the yard. I sat him on the wall and began planning my newest landscaping project. When I looked back down, he was stuffing a piece of moss the size of a cupcake in his mouth! I probably should have been horrified, but I laughed. I did, however make an attempt to retrieve the moss before it went down the hatch. Mother of the Year moment number 97968746592. *sigh*
Item-My husband finally settled with his old job over his worker’s comp claim, so we’ll be able to pay off a major bill and have a vacation! Woot!
Item-Tomorrow, I will be introducing Fletcher to my grandmother’s family. They were having their last to-do on the day he was born, and were all mad at my sister for not bringing Fletcher pictures!
Item-We are in the process of re-financing the house. Should free up some much needed capital, and lower our interest rate. Yes, my life is so boring this warrants a spot on this increasingly boring list.
Item-Oh! I did get to see Eclipse last night! Shirtless boys and sexy vampires! Sounds like a party to me!
Item-I think the MIL is starting to pick up on my moods. My step-son tried to tell me to be quiet the baby was sleeping the other day, and when I gave him the “It would be very wise for you to start walking to the car now” look, she suggested that very thing! It’s only taken 10 years. Wonder how long it’ll take before she learns to teach him what’s inappropriate in the first place. He’ll probably be retiring.

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