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{July 2, 2010}   The week in review…

Item-I was told at work that AC/DC was satanic. Yeah. Irish, maybe, but “You Shook Me All Night Long” wasn’t discussing fire and brimstone. Sorry to disappoint you.
Item-My new job is about to get slower, due to one of the docs getting fired.
Item-My offspring ate moss today. Peat moss that was growing on my rock wall in the yard. I sat him on the wall and began planning my newest landscaping project. When I looked back down, he was stuffing a piece of moss the size of a cupcake in his mouth! I probably should have been horrified, but I laughed. I did, however make an attempt to retrieve the moss before it went down the hatch. Mother of the Year moment number 97968746592. *sigh*
Item-My husband finally settled with his old job over his worker’s comp claim, so we’ll be able to pay off a major bill and have a vacation! Woot!
Item-Tomorrow, I will be introducing Fletcher to my grandmother’s family. They were having their last to-do on the day he was born, and were all mad at my sister for not bringing Fletcher pictures!
Item-We are in the process of re-financing the house. Should free up some much needed capital, and lower our interest rate. Yes, my life is so boring this warrants a spot on this increasingly boring list.
Item-Oh! I did get to see Eclipse last night! Shirtless boys and sexy vampires! Sounds like a party to me!
Item-I think the MIL is starting to pick up on my moods. My step-son tried to tell me to be quiet the baby was sleeping the other day, and when I gave him the “It would be very wise for you to start walking to the car now” look, she suggested that very thing! It’s only taken 10 years. Wonder how long it’ll take before she learns to teach him what’s inappropriate in the first place. He’ll probably be retiring.

Kristin says:

A big woot, woot on finally settling the workman’s comp claim.

Too funny about Fletcher and the moss.

LOL! At least he didn’t swallow it.
Im thinking about refinancing/modifying my loan too.

Quiet Dreams says:

Yay on the money stuff! Doesn’t sound boring to me, at all.

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