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{July 12, 2010}   I probably need a Twitter account.

Today, while prepping a patient with betadine (brown antiseptic soap used for surgical preps) I made a big mess, as usual. However, when I leaned up against the bed, I suddenly had the sensation you get when you’re in 7-8th grade and you start your period in white shorts. I look down, and I’ve leaned into a puddle, thereby soaking up the betadine in the crotchal region, and it began to seep in places that just might cause chafing. Not to mention how it looked. Yeah. So I had to change clothes. *sigh* This is the kind of shit that only happens to me. My husband told me that today, Fletcher got quiet all of a sudden, and you know what happens when kids get quiet. Either something is wrong, or they’re into something they’re not supposed to be, right? He looked up and Fletcher was sitting, bent double, fast asleep face first in the blanket! Naturally, he didn’t get a picture of it, because he started talking to him and startled him awake. Currently trying to de-funk my house. I’ll let you know how it works out.


rosesdaughter says:

come and join ussssssss, twitter is addictive.

LOL! I walked into the bathroom today at work and turned the light OFF instead of ON. I was plunged into pitch dark and was scared half to death!!!!! I almost peed my pants (thank God I didn’t). Then I couldn’t find the light switch b/c I was all disoriented when I flew around in circles when I the lights went out.
yeah. crazy huh?

I think you SHOULD get a twitter. 🙂 All the cool people are doing it. (ahem- me!!)

Quiet Dreams says:

I had a twitter for a while, but I kept forgetting I had it, so I finally just got rid of it. I figured that was better than posting, “hey! I just remembered I have a twitter account!” every couple of months.

Iris says:

I spilled liquid poop on myself at work once. At least yours only LOOKED icky. It was at least 3 showers before I felt clean again.

Kristin says:

Sounds like the kind of luck I would have.

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