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{July 17, 2010}   Vacation, Vacation, Vacation

Yeah. We’re headed to Savannah, GA for some sun and fun. I can’t wait! Now, for all of you who are stalking my fabulous-enough-to-stalk self, if you break into my home, you will be greeted by my attack pug. So don’t. He’ll eat you alive. I mean it. Been reading the Twi-porn again. *sighs contentedly* I’m thinking of adding the site to my blogroll over there. Trust me, girls, it’s worth the read, if for no other purpose than giving our warped, dirty little minds and outlet. So, I’m out, I’ll try to blog this week and post up some pics. Now, I must pack the whole house in effort to travel with this infant I picked up on the side of the road and in no way spawned. I have a friend who once told me that if her son didn’t start behaving soon, she was gonna put him out in the middle of the road with a sign round his neck saying “FREE!” I may end up using that one some day. But not today.

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