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{July 31, 2010}   Motherly Angst

Well, Fletcher is officially mobile. I laid him in his floor in his room to play and found him across the room, face up, under his swing! This is going to be fun/challenging/scary/interesting! He’s still the happiest baby I know, still takes three naps a day, and still loves him some Kung Fu P.anda! Now, I have to go to Wal.-Mart and pick up a bunch of drawer and door catches and a baby gate.

My husband. What can I say about my husband? He’s now decided that forgiveness is easier to obtain than permission. At least, he must have, cause he brought home a puppy without even asking if I wanted another dog. Which I don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I like animals, but I was looking forward to having less to clean and not having to spend on vet bills and food. Grrrrr. He is cute, though. He has hearts on him. Yeah, that’s right, hearts. He’s black and white and some of the black splotches are heart-shaped. No word yet on a name.

Enna says:

Awwwww, I am so jealous – I really, really want a dog 😦

Nina says:

I got one you can have for free!

rosesdaughter says:

Yay for Mobile Fletcher!!! The dog? Hmmmmmmmm

Kristin says:

Yay for mobility. Boo for the vacation issues. And, the jury is still out on the dog. Welcome back.

jo says:

Mo wants another dog. I said no. If he brings one home…well, the jury is still out on how I’d react to THAT one!

Can we get some updated pics of your mobile boy?


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