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{August 12, 2010}   So, Nina’s learned a new trick…

she can post pics all by herself!! And e-mail them to herself and everything! My son is officially a member of Slytherin house. I’m gonna put one of those little Swiffer pads on his belly and turn him loose!










OK, he is seriously freakin adorable!!! Look at those eyes and those cheeks!!! I just want to kiss him MUAH!!!!

Nina says:

You have NO idea! I spot piggies (toes, really, but piggies are precious-er) and steal kisses at least a million times a day! He and the Pookah are some serious Pampers material, IMO!

Enna says:

My brain just exploded from the cuteness!

Nina says:

Luckily, I know some people who can put Humpty Dumpty back together, cause I plan to have lots of cuteness here!

Nicole says:

My God, Nina. He’s just a beautiful boy!

Nina says:

Thank you! Oh, and I may be availing myself of your services for my friend Enna up there!

Quiet Dreams says:

He is TOO CUTE! Apparently, even the new puppy can’t keep from kissing him! 🙂

Hootie says:

Oh my goodness, he REALLY DOES look just like you! And from the shiny little chin, is Fletcher teething? Baby slobbers are the best. And I can’t believe he has little camouflage pants, that must be Daddy’s idea. You know, they make little scrubs for babies, right? That would be adorable. I can’t say I would go for another puppy (we have three already) but I could sure use a “Swiffer” baby around here to hug and kiss.

Nina says:

I’ll rent him out for a very reasonable price!

Nina says:

Oh, and yes, he has two toofs! He’s very proud of them.

Kristin says:

OMG the cuteness! Puppies and babies are a lethal combination. Love the swiffer idea.

CityGirl says:

Holy Crow – could he be any cuter?

How the heck long have I been gone? He was a little lima bean the last time I checked in.

My bad. My very, very bad.

PS – CG1 and I are back at
Visit, won’t you? :o)

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