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{August 28, 2010}   Of fishes and Fletchers

Look at me go! Hi, all. Fletcher here. I made a biiiiiiiiiiig mess in my carseat and britches this morning, so I scored a bath! I like the bath. I might just demand one every day!

Update from Mommy: *reads tag on new bouncy seat* “Never leave child unattended.” But I didn’t! I swear! I’d handed him his bottle, and I was running water in the sink and turned around when he started to cry and he was hanging upside down! With his bottle contents spraying up his nose, which was what caused the crying to begin with! He leaned back in just the right way, I suppose, and suddenly I have a Cirque du Soleil member in my kitchen! Holy shit no one ever told me about this stuff! Ok, Fletcher, sweetheart, could you not give Mommy an acute MI for a few more years? As in, before you do anything, you think about whether Mommy would need a change of britches if she saw you doing it, and if that answer is yes, please don’t do it!!!! I just can’t watch. You will not have a motorcycle, play football, climb very tall things, dose your own medicine, eat grown-up food, be given any sharp implements, be running with scissors, eating crackers in bed…..yes, your mommy is neurotic. I’ll make you a deal, k? You try not to ever do that to Mommy again, and I’ll try to just not watch you do….fill in the blank.


Quiet Dreams says:

I have a friend who works for Cirque if you need a reference. 😉

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