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{September 9, 2010}   My life is back to normal.

K, so this new-ish job? About to be my old one. Today, my beloved big hospital offered me a full-time, 5 day-a-week position, 0630am-3pm. YEAH!! Putting in my notice tomorrow. *sigh of contentment* Fletcher is growing. He’s nine months old today. Allow me to demonstrate:

Pulling up!


Mommy is soooo proud of her big boy!

Enna says:

Congrats on your new position – and your son is as adorable as always!

Kristin says:

The job news…FRICKIN’ AWESOME!

Fletcher pictures…totally nom-able.

YAY!!!! congrats on the new job! I’m soooo jealous! I need to go back to the OR! And of course, Fletcher is adorable as always!

Nicole says:

Glad to see you will be back, Nina…I’ve missed your rants! 🙂

Hootie says:

The baby is adorable, the news is great, and I’m so relieved that you’ve posted again–the pictures are just a bonus. Any time there’s a lull between postings I think one of the men in your life has done something so boneheaded that you are waiting for the seething and shaking with anger to subside before you eloquently put the scenario into words. Hopefully with the new proposed hours at work we’ll hear more from you!

Nina says:

No, I’m usually just busy baby wrangling, catching up on my shows, trying to keep the house reasonably sanitary, keeping the husband “at bay” if you get my drift, you know, the general insanity that makes up my life away from work. They’ve taken to behaving better lately, but that may be cause the roomy got his girlfriend all pg and has been spending a great deal of time away from here.

Nicole says:

So, when are you coming back to us??

Nina says:

My first full time day will be 09/27. Can’t wait!

g says:

Nina, he’s adorable. 🙂



CityGirl says:

Congrats to you and the whole fam damily!

That shock of hair on Fletcher’s head absolutely cracks me up!!

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