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{October 1, 2010}   Ever had one of those days….

when everything just seems off? Yeah. I’ve had several in a row. Friday, my last day at my old job, the skeevy old doctor asked me what it would take to get me away from my husband. *shudders* Ummm….not you? Monday, I arrived at the babysitter’s at 0615 to a dark house. *sigh* I called every number I had, and finally got the aunt of the babysitter’s husband to come to the door. Everyone had overslept, and it made me late. Tuesday, we went to my awards banquet on the General Jackson. I took my husband’s steak, and he ate my fish. He woke up at 0230 puking his guts up. This slowly progressed to toilet-to-which-orifice confusion, where we finally figured out he had a bad piece of fish. Some people wanted to blame a virus, but I’m not sick, and neither is Fletcher. However, I thought that he’d feel better by the morning, so I left the baby for him to drop off. He fought to not have to pull over the whole way there. Then, he still decided to try to have “Bro Night” when he’d been home all day sick, hadn’t cleaned up anything, and didn’t feel like cooking. Today, he called me at work to ask what size underwear I wore. WTF? Um, ok, why? There’s this big sale at the mall, and I thought you might need some was his answer. Yeah. Like that has no ulterior motives! *sigh* Then he springs on me that we’re having a couple over for dinner. Tonight. *ARRRGHHHH!!!!* So now, I have to clean the house in the next hour and start cornbread/potatoes. Why does he choose days when I just got off work to do this? Why? Why ask why? I leave you with this:Ooops!

Hootie says:

Possibly the cutest picture of Fletcher, EVER. Can’t comment on you hubby’s shenanigans except to say that we’ve all been there. Men can be cute, but they’re mostly self-absorbed and thoughtless when it comes to their wives. They don’t see that anything they do could make your life more difficult–until they have a daughter old enough to marry. Then they can see all the things a guy can do that just aren’t right.

Look at Fletcher!! that baby bottom is soooooooo cute! And as for men, well, we all know they can be self absorbed a-holes. I wonder if it gets worse after the baby is born, or if we just notice it more then?

Quiet Dreams says:

At least you have a cute baby (with a cute baby bum!). 😉 He is so gorgeous.

CityGirl says:

This image, right here, absolutely has to go on the invitations to his 30th birthday party. And be shown to his Junior Prom prom date.

SO ‘dorable!

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