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{October 4, 2010}   Come-apart

As in I has had one. A biiiiiiiiiggg one. Yesterday, I was on call for the full 24 hours. This call was assigned to me, and I couldn’t get rid of it, though I tried. YCU had to work. However, he was told (not asked) at 10pm Saturday night to come in 1.5 hours early on Sunday. Now, I’d had my mother all lined up to come and sit with me during the call hours that he would be working, but this was a real monkey wrench thrown into the works. So, I called Mom first thing Sunday morning on my way to work (naturally, I’d been called in) and left a message (she still doesn’t answer her phone, which is a whole ‘nother story) for her to call the YCU asap and for the two of them to work something out. She does, and HE TELLS HER NOT TO COME!!!!! She lives 1.5 hours away, which is the whole problem. I asked him just what the hell he was planning on doing with our child, hoping he stayed asleep and didn’t poop or need to eat till I got home? Then just pray I didn’t get called back in?!? WHO DOES THAT???? *long, loud screams of non-discernable obscenities* But, never fear, I happen to be in possession of the greatest family of all time, ever, to infinity. My brother raced over and picked Fletcher up, and took him to church with them, and as soon as I was released, I raced to church (In my scrubs, no less. Sorry, God!), picked up my progeny, and raced home, where my aunt met me and stayed till the YCU got off work (which was extreeeeeeeemely late. I told you, my family is amazing, wonderful, et al.)

Now, I have a funny picture:


Enna says:

AHAHAHAHA awesome!

Quiet Dreams says:

Whoa, that kid’s starting early. Ha!


Kristin says:

OMG, that is the funniest picture ever. It definitely goes in the future blackmail ammo folder.

CityGirl says:

Boys are dumb, stupid, ridiculous, and more or less worthless.

Except for makin’ extra-ordinarily cute babies.

And supporting the porn industry.

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