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Aka, “SMITE.” Currently, I’m lying sideways trying desperately not to set fire to (with my bodily temp) or throw up on the carpet, me, or Fletcher. I was fine this morning. I drank milk and everything. Suddenly at lunch, I didn’t have any appetite and started feeling achy. At first, I thought I’d picked up something the wrong way. Oh, no. It ballooned into full-on fever pitch by 1pm, and I left early from work, picked up Fletcher from the babysitter’s (and, yes, possibly doing irreparable damage, but I was low on options), and high-tailed it home to take some aspirin and a nap. 2 hrs later, still hadn’t gotten to sleep, due to aches and pains, baby starts crying, I get up, and suddenly have to run. Hence the lying sideways. Did I tell you about my family? Yeah, they’re almost all the most wonderful creatures on earth. My cousin is coming to sit with Fletcher while I try to nurse myself back to some version of a healthy me. No funny pics today. I’ve forgotten where I put them under all the buckets and OTC pain meds/fever reducers.

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