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{October 5, 2010}   And God said “Let there be plague in Nina’s Life” and there was plague.

Aka, “SMITE.” Currently, I’m lying sideways trying desperately not to set fire to (with my bodily temp) or throw up on the carpet, me, or Fletcher. I was fine this morning. I drank milk and everything. Suddenly at lunch, I didn’t have any appetite and started feeling achy. At first, I thought I’d picked up something the wrong way. Oh, no. It ballooned into full-on fever pitch by 1pm, and I left early from work, picked up Fletcher from the babysitter’s (and, yes, possibly doing irreparable damage, but I was low on options), and high-tailed it home to take some aspirin and a nap. 2 hrs later, still hadn’t gotten to sleep, due to aches and pains, baby starts crying, I get up, and suddenly have to run. Hence the lying sideways. Did I tell you about my family? Yeah, they’re almost all the most wonderful creatures on earth. My cousin is coming to sit with Fletcher while I try to nurse myself back to some version of a healthy me. No funny pics today. I’ve forgotten where I put them under all the buckets and OTC pain meds/fever reducers.

Kristin says:

Hope you feel better soon.

Hootie says:

Nina. NO DAIRY. It just curdles in your stomach and makes you worse when you’re sick. Get YCU/whoever to bring you some Gatorade and some bananas. You need to replace the electrolytes and potassium you lost in your system by being sick at both ends. Clear fluids for the first 24 hours. If you can’t keep that down, eat some Saltines and sip some water. The Saltines will taste ghastly, but they will soak up whatever bug is down there and then when you throw up, it takes the bug with it out of your body. The Gatorade will also keep your temp from spiking and making you hallucinate. After you can keep something down, you go on the BRATT diet–you know, bananas, rice, applesauce, tea and toast. You WILL get better. File away these instructions in your brain for later on when it happens to Fletcher, only in his case you’re gonna want to have some Pedialyte on hand (just stash it in the back of the pantry).

Hootie says:

BTW, I know a certain little bride who whooped and hollered when she opened up the afghan package. Thanks, you’re the best. Now go back to bed.

Nina says:

Thanks. I’ve been doing the ginger ale and saltine thing. I had half a biscuit this morning, and haven’t thrown up today, yet, so…WOOHOO. I’m sooo glad Enna liked her gift! Yeah, bed sounds gooooooooooddd.

Poor Nina!!! Hope you feel better soon!!!

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