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{October 27, 2010}   We’re in a regression, you know…

This week, I had a patient that was having back surgery. She asked if we could just tack on a boob job because we were in a “regression” and she needed better “tools”. We were pretty sure she was a lot lizard, based on some statements she made. For those of you who might not know, a lot lizard is a truck stop hooker. Hmmmmm….
Anyway, Fletcher’s growing like a weed, I’m working all the time, and my husband gets antsy and thinks I have a boyfriend living in my closet if he doesn’t get “attention” for 72 hours. Apparently, 72 hours is all it takes for him to think I don’t love him anymore. Really? *sigh* Men. Can’t live with ’em, can’t…fill in the blank. It couldn’t be that I’m just tired and maybe want to sleep, could it?

Oh, Fletcher would like everyone to know that he adores snacky puffs. And church. He loves him some church.

Lot lizard????? LOLOLOLOL!!!
Pookah just stars at the snack puffs and then hands them back to me!

Kristin says:

Too funny about the Lot Lizard’s request.

BTW, the hat pattern is the Divine Hat Pattern from Rheatheylia. All I did differently was on one side of each rib, I anchored a contrasting color piece of yarn in the bottom band and wove it through the holes so it came out the itty-bitty non existent center hole at the top and then knotted them all together. I tend to crochet tightly so, following the pattern mad a hat big enough for a 21 1/2 inch head.

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