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{December 13, 2010}   Grass ain’t growing under MY feet!

Hi all! Fletcher, here! Mommy’s taken to calling me Cranky McStinkypants, lately. Hmmmmph. That may be, but I’ve got two (count ’em, TWO) new toofs to show for it! It’s only fitting, after all, I’m all big and ONE now! Papa Ralph brought me a toy box and a real box! I love cake. Mommy says she’s trying to get a video of how I act when someone in the room is eating cake and NOT SHARING. That makes them terrible, awful, no-good, very bad mean people. I also love all my new toys. I’m walking, too! Well, almost. I can hold onto stuff and walk. Mommy says I can stand by myself, but I fall as soon as I realize it. I said “Papa” and “Bye-bye” this week! I’m mad at the babysitters too. Do you know they won’t share their dog food with me? And I’m the McStinkypants? Hmmph! Now, how to get all big and two…..

Quiet Dreams says:

I’d love to see that video. 🙂

May says:

Good Lord, you’re one. Already? Already! Congratulations on the teeth.

Hootie says:

Maybe Fletcher is waiting for some magic words before he commits to walking fully. The sentence “Mommy is going to be fiscally responsible and go get a job” caused baby #3 to stand up and walk across the kitchen unaided!

Nina says:

Well, Fletcher’s mommy is already gainfully employed, so I’m not sure what his magic words will be. Probably “Fletcher, honey. Guess what? I have food over here!”

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