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{December 19, 2010}   I’m about to sound like a really bad person.

I hate the dogs that live in my house. Actually, hate is a strong word. They’d be fine if they lived outside and I didn’t have to clean up after them. Unfortunately, if YCU had his druthers, they’d be in the bed with us. Eww. They roll in their own poop, they’re not sleeping in my sheets. So there. The Heinz-57 mutt is still not potty trained (big dogs make bigger messes, in case you didn’t know), chews on everything, is destructive (we had to clean up outside where he dug in the trash and broke glass jars and other dangerous items), and is generally a pest. He does not understand ‘NO!!’ or ‘GIT!!’, or any other commands that generally stop dogs from doing stupid things like eating poop, getting underfoot, or sniffing in inappropriate places. He does all these things with gusto. Sometimes, he even does them all at once. Moving him forcefully (not exactly a kick, and hopefully not painful) is the only thing that works getting him out from underfoot, but it lasts like a second, and he’s at it again. I’ve scolded him more than once that if he trips me and hurts the baby, he’ll be an outside dog for the rest of his days. (Because dogs speak English. Yeah.) I had a dog that lived in a homemade doghouse outside for 10ish years, and she did fine. (My brother was old enough to take care of her himself, and she wasn’t my mom’s or dad’s responsibility. Most of the time.) The other dog, the pug, is cute, and reasonably well behaved, and we’d just gotten him potty trained when YCU brought home this puppy. (I’m talking, like, a week, here.) However, he sheds. Rather, he molts. I sweep, and there is another dog in my dustpan. I was finally rejoicing about not having to clean up after 2 dogs, and he brings home this puppy that we don’t have time to train or clean up after. Does my husband see the wisdom in having not brought him home? No. Does he try to find someone who has time to take care of him? No. So, I refuse to do anything with the dogs except let them out (because I don’t want the smell in the house). YCU can feed them when he gets home. See? Told you. I’m horrible, but I just can’t get past the fact that my husband brought him home, and as far as I’m concerned, he can take care of them both. I’ve never really been an “Animals in the house” kind of person anyway. Lots of maintenance, lots of cleaning, can’t get them clean without getting the whole bathroom filthy (because they have to be bathed, even in the winter, or they smell, which also takes a lot of time), and then they won’t stay still long enough to get dry, so they go and rub their wet, nasty dog smell on everything in the house before you can get them back in their crate or outside. (Yes, I have issues. If I could plastic wrap them, like that commercial, they could live in the house. I would be ok with that.) I like animals, I just don’t like them in the house with me. My horse had her own house. I liked that.

Hootie says:

No argument here. But I can tell you, you’ll have an easier time training the dogs than you ever will the husband–and that’s the crux of the problem. Put an ad up at work 1) because you’re not heartless 2) you really do want to place them in a home where they can get the proper amount of attention and 3) it’s hard to get behind a family decision that you had no input on.

Quiet Dreams says:

This cracks me up. My dog is much easier to keep clean since a)she doesn’t shed as much as some dogs b)I don’t let her loose to roll in her own poop as she would love to do c)she’s inside most of the time, so not a lot of chances to get dirty.

Where we lived before she spent a lot more time outside, but since I don’t trust her not to make a break for it from the backyard and sketchy fence, she’s an inside dog. And happy. And clean.

Of course, I don’t have a husband or baby messing up my house, so that makes it a lot easier, too. đŸ™‚

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