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{January 1, 2011}   I’m a wreck.

Last night was my anniversary. Wheee!!!! We went to bed early. Yes, actually, we are old. Thank you for noticing. Anyway, this morning, we wake up, play with Fletcher for a little while, put him down to watch the ‘Panda, and then it’s time for a nap. I put him in his crib, go to make a bottle (yes, I’m a bad mother, we’ve discussed this before) and all of a sudden I hear KABOOM in his bedroom. This was not an “I threw all my toys out come get me now” KABOOM. We both ran in to find my baby on the floor face down. He immediately started crying, so we loved on him and checked him out to make sure he wasn’t broken and I finished getting his bottle. Then we got the pack and play out of the truck. Poor baby. We knew we needed to lower that bed and just never got around to it. He’s ok, sleeping now. Don’t worry, I’ve got the tylenol ready. Mother of the Year moment number 9876534336644. And it’s only January 1st.


Kristin says:

Oh hon…don’t beat yourself up about it. I will never forget when Marty was a newborn and we both fell asleep on the couch while nursing. I woke up when he rolled off my lap and ended up on the floor. He survived and there was no apparent damage.

Quiet Dreams says:

How scary for you! I imagine every mother has a story like that (even if they won’t tell it).

Hootie says:

In inquiring minds want to know–tell us about your wedding date. How did you decide on New Year’s Eve? Was it just for the tax advantage, or do you have a romantic attachment to the date?

Nina says:

Well, the tax advantage was nice, as it bought us our now defunct but new at the time furniture. But no, he wanted to get married in September, and I wanted to wait till April, and we kept arguing about it. And, with my usual aplomb, I settled the question definitively by meeting in the middle. Thus, New Year’s Eve.

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