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{January 4, 2011}   What Not To Wear: Nina

This is precisely what I need. Badly. I have no idea how to accessorize. I have no sense of style whatsoever. My clothes are either boring or look like I belong in the Teenage Mother’s Playgroup. AND DO YOU KNOW THAT STACY AND CLINTON WERE IN NASHVILLE??!@!!!!!!#$% I mean, really? Really. Why couldn’t that be me? Do you know what I could do with $5000? I could buy enough clothes to fill this whole house! Although, I’m wondering just how expensive things really are in New York, cause it always looks like the makeoverees don’t get much for their money. What that tells me is I’ve never bought anything but cheap stuff or New York clothes are waaaaaaaay expensive, cause I think I could get a lot of stuff for that kind of money. Although, I’d never get any shopping done, cause I’d be too busy looking at all the places and things I’ve read about. I live vicariously through books. I’ve never been anywhere! Well, I’ve done the Redneck Riviera, and I’ve done various amusement parks, but I’d love to see San Francisco, or New York, or Boston. But I need Clinton and Stacy to dress me first.

I have found to be a fantastic help for figuring things out.

She has a weekly newsletter (free), but the really useful thing is if you subscribe, you get a weekly shopping guide tailored to your figure. Promise I’m not getting kickbacks from her. 🙂 It’s pretty reasonable (~$10/month) and you can try it for just a month to see if you like it.

Of course, no trips to NYC are included, so there’s that.

Enna says:

Every day I wake up for work and think to myself “If I were going golfing with Ronald Reagan what would I wear?” and then I put that on and go to work. Apparently that, to me, is business casual. So yeah, we both need wardrobe help.

Hootie says:

In all the time I’ve watched that show I’ve never seen any purse (or even a clutch) go for less than $300 so yeah, I think that’s way too pricey. I’m more of a splurge $12 on a purse at K-Mart kind of a girl myself, but you don’t see them going into a K-Mart on the show (sorry, Jaclyn Smith collection). They’d have me on camera dropping half of the moolah into an envelope and shipping it home. That might gain me some fans in Middle America but I’m sure that’s not what the producers want.

Valerie says:

I still say they’re jerks, and they choose some really unflattering clothes for people just because it happens to be “trendy”. Wear whatever YOU like.

I offer my services anytime you want another shopping date.

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