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{February 19, 2011}   Cranky Doodle

Cranky Doodle went to town
A’riding on his pony
Stuck a feather in his cap
And called it Macaroni

Cranky Doodle keep it up,
Cranky Doodle Dandy,
Mind the music and your step
And with the girls be handy!

Hi, all! Fledger here! Bobby iz zinging dis song at be today. I gan’t help it! I’b god the znods. I’b zniffly and zneezy, and coughy, and I dode feel good. I do dot like being zick. I god two dew toofs! I’b bery proud of by dew toofs. And anoder ting. Dere’s zometing going od around here. I dode doe what it iz, but Bobby’s been awfully tired and no fud. I keeb gedding medicide, and ztinky stuff rubbed on me, and I dode like by food. I do dot like being zick.


Kristin says:

Love the song Fletcher. Hope you feel better soon.

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