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{February 25, 2011}   We’re ok, nothing to see here…

Well, last night, a tornado apparently jumped the house. *sigh* We’re all ok, (It’s official, Fletcher can sleep through a tornado) just a few trees knocked down. The neighbor lost a bunch of shingles, and there were trees down over the road going both directions out of the driveway, so we were stuck all day. We’ve had people slowing down as they went past the house all day, gawking at the trees. I’m trying to get to my pics, but my husband bought me a new laptop! (I must have been a really good girl lately! 😉 ) As you all know, I’m highly technologically challenged, so I might not be able to post them for a few days, till YCU has time to fix it. Anyways, he also bought me a new watch, so I won’t be late coming back from lunch anymore at work. Fletcher still has the sniffles, but seems to be doing better. Me, I feel fine, as long as I eat. I get nauseous when I wait too long. I’ll try to get the pics tomorrow. Toodles.

Valerie says:

Kid actually slept through a tornado. WOW. It was bad enough at my house, and no trees were harmed.

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