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{March 25, 2011}   Names

We used our good boy name. But. I think I’ve found another one. At the risk of being totally cliche and hokey, I like the name Embry Holden. (Yes, like Embry from the Twilight series. Like I said. Cliche.) I also like Emilie Genevieve (pronounced in French jon-vee-ev) but can you imagine the misspellings and butcherings? Quelle horreur! (It’s been a loooooooong time since French class, please forgive me if that’s not the right spelling. I’m sure you get the gist.) And another thing. If all this pukiness denotes girly parts, she better show up with sparkles and ribbons, is all I’m saying. I feel like pooooooo. Big, stinky trashcans full of poooooooo. Just thought you’d like to know. I live on crackers at work, and praying my energy level comes back soon.

Valerie says:

That’s the trouble with French names, they tend to look / sound kind of metrosexual– especially when seen through redneck-colored glasses. Do you really want people calling your kid “Miss” by mistake when they see his name written down?

Think “Ghost Dad”. Eee-dith is a girls’ name, but Edd-dith is a boys’ name. Yet they are both spelled Edith and the poor guy spent his whole life correcting people. If you visit that hell on my nephew I will have to maim you… with all the love in the world. 🙂

Valerie says:

I like Holden, by the way. That would be a cool first name. Holden Embry?

Nina says:

His initials would be H. E. C. Could we bring a bigger self-fulfilling prophecy on a kid? I don’t need any help with the “kid might be a hellion’ cause, thank you! 😉

Hootie says:

If you like Embry for a boy, could you like Aubrey for a girl? And, BTW, the morning sickness thing indicates that there is more genetically in common with your husband than with you. It’s your system’s way of fighting stuff that’s foreign to your own operating system. Perhaps “Jeanne” as a French way of naming the little sparkly one after your hubby? And, since we can’t actually see you from Chicago, here’s our boy/girl test for you to answer privately–and I’ve been told over and over again that it’s accurate: If you want “it” just as much as you ever did, or more, you’re having a boy. If you wish the hubby would just move to another planet and die already, it’s a girl.
The other thing that we’ve seen to be true is that people tell you that you’re glowing when you are carrying a boy (that extra bit of testosterone floating around your system, I suppose). And you look more washed out or exhausted when you’re carrying a girl. Little Italian ladies told me the girl takes the beauty out of the mother. But about 3 days after the little princess gets here, you’re suddenly REALLY pretty as your hormones bounce back into whack. Just some stuff to think about from someone who’s been there already. Love you!

Nina says:

Maybe I didn’t make myself clear: Emilie Genevieve is for a girl. And actually, I knew several Aubreys in school who were girls. AND! I also had Jeanne on the List for awhile, but it was removed for fear of mispronunciation. I pronounce that one ‘jee-nee’, but I’m thinking the Redneck speakers in my family (and others) would pronounce it ‘gene’ like gene pool…yeah, otherwise, I like it. I just don’t want a ‘Hermione’ situation on our hands.

Hootie says:

Oh, I got that you think it’s a girl. Actually Gina C@#$%^ also has a nice ring to it.

Nina says:

Well, it does,actually, since it rhymes with Mama’s name. But having a best friend named Katrina, and several other friends named Anita, Tina, Dena, etc, I also know that this can be confusing at Thanksgiving. And trust me, things are confusing enough! I’m related to half of Tennessee, and they all show up for dinner!

I hope you feel better soon!

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