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{May 7, 2011}   PSA for men everywhere:

Guns are never a good Mother’s Day gift. Never. I don’t care if she hunts with the best of them, and is a member of the Navy Seals. NO mother wants a gun for Mother’s Day. NOT ONE OF THEM. How could any man be so clueless? I was hoping that all this extra work he’d been doing would lead to a nice Mother’s Day gift. I hope he didn’t expect me to jump up and down and be excited, cause that certainly didn’t happen. I was even so bold as to ask him what made him think I would want a gun, when a pair of diamond earrings would have sufficed? I’m going to bed.

Kristin says:

Sorry you got a bummer of a gift.

I have to say I feel like a total shit because somehow I missed the announcement that you are pregnant. HUGE CONGRATS!

Nina says:

Do you know that after I wrote this post and was tearing up at how obnoxiously insensitive he is on most occasions, he decides to tell me it was really a joke! *aaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh*

And thank you Kristen, I’m sooooo excited! Now, if I could just pin down the YCU for a name…

Roses daughter says:

Are you SERIOUS?????????

Nina says:

Yep. Hence the reason this was posted under ‘Boys are Stupid’. Everything I need to know about relationships, I learned in 3rd grade.

Hootie says:

It could have been worse. At various times (and various relationships) I’ve gotten jumper cables, a lawnmower, and an upright deep freeze (kind of a metaphor for THAT relationship, actually). So I’m hoping he did redeem himself with something to keep your earlobes warm.

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