Ninapintasantamaria's Blog

{July 19, 2011}   Spoke too soon.

That heartburn thing I thought we had licked? Yeah, he’s back, and this time he brought all his cousins. I can’t lay in bed without propping myself up anymore. Everyone at work has decided that I’ve “popped out” this week. I hope that means she’s moved and is head down, planning to stay that way. I’m so tired, I’ve not folded clothes or run the dishwasher yet. And I don’t plan to. Fletcher’s growing like a weed, he’s learning to climb on everything, so now we’re teaching him that the furniture is not a jungle gym, and balls are outside toys. *sigh* It’s been rather slow going. He still loves to read, but he’s been picky about his food this week. This is a kid who’s favorite food was food. I hope this is temporary, as he can’t help us out by telling us what he likes yet. The Speech Evaluator is coming out tomorrow. I’ll let you know what we find out!

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